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Dear All,
I am a very simple person, with simple education and simple thinking about life. I am very much interested in writing, discussions on all subjects of interest. I really enjoy my time at India study channel where I had developed and improved my wisdom and knowledge to a great extent by way of discussions in the forum section. I am very proud to say that I am a member of world's best educational channel, where one can express himself freely. I am a free bird at ISC and like to be very friendly with every ISCian.
I have posted few interesting articles in the resource section as listed below.

I have been awarded ISC's prestigious badge called "CREATIVE" on 4th October 2012. I am the First ISC member to receive such a badge, and I feel very proud. Also, I am a recipient of the 'DEBATER' badge in November 2013. I was elevated to Platinum level on 22nd July 2014. I received my 'SUPER CONTRIBUTOR' badge on 28th August 2015. Also, I have created an ISC India Map which accommodates most of the active forum members in the year 2015 on 15th Aug and was displayed.
updated september map

My awards and achievements at ISC:-

Tow of the week award
Member of the Week award
Member of the Month award
Wizard of forum award- May 2011
Wizard of forum award - Sep 2011
Wizard of forum award - Sep 2013
Twinkling star award - Jul 2012
Most Vigilant Member award - Jan 2013
Best Forum supporter award - Mar 2014

Number of GDs won - 29 (up to 23 March 2017)
Number of Contests won - 34 (up to 23 March 2017)
Number of Revenue share bonus - 51 months (up to Mar 2017)

Cash earned from ISC - Rs. 28102( as on 23 March 2017)
Cash earned from Google Adsense Revenue - Rs. 6253/-& Rs. 6613/-

A praising phrase about ISC:-
Sun may fail to rise one day, but ISC will never fail to pay its members on the due day"

History of Veerapandiya Kattabomman
Tirunelveli an ever green district of Tamilnadu
Courtalam a paradise in heaven
Female infanticide-Killing of our own future
An imaginary story of an International Chess Champion and Chief Minister
A very short brief about Indian leaders I admire


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