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From its name we can figure, India Study Channel is all about education. And my two innings in this wonderful site has been one of learning. I say two innings because after 3 months of my joining ISC, I left, vowing never to return. But then how can a duck live without a pool of water. My relationship with ISC is like the proverbial duck taking to water. So I returned after a lapse of 9 months. I say learning because in my first innings I was in a hurry to achieve more in less time. Probably I was doing well, but a couple of speed breakers got me unbalanced and I fell flat, badly bruised. With time I realized my folly. My impatience in getting things done fast was my undoing.

On realizing my mistakes, I made a quiet return to the ISC fold. Fortunately for me within 2 weeks of my return I got an invitation from ISC admin to be a content developer. I accepted the offer gladly. The same month Lady Luck smiled at me for the second time, when I was also awarded with the Star of the Month award.

Now I can say that I have started understanding the true meaning of my forum footer, that says – ‘Patience and perseverance pays’. Friends, won’t you agree, it’s because of ISC that I have learned this great lesson.


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