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Forum Responses: Everyone has multiple personalities. It becomes a disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) only when
Forum Responses: Orientalism. That is what this answer given by this Portuguese explorer, Vasco de Gama, reminds me o
Forum Responses: I have inadvertently posted this forum again while trying to edit it. My apologies for I am unable t
Forum: Has any superstition ever had a like effect upon you?
Forum: Has any superstition ever have a like effect upon you?
Forum Responses: It is like asking what is our first reaction when we see a dentist himself lacking healthy teeth, or
Forum Responses: #629244 I don't think that the reason for our parents to stay together should only be 'us', the chi
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Forum: Nothing But Perspectives
Forum Responses: One obvious reason for people flaunting their status is the sense of competition which govern their
Resources: The Whisper : A poem which delineates the experiences of a woman
Forum Responses: As many of the members have suggested, it is better to start learning and preparing from day one its
Forum Responses: I am really thankful to all of you for giving me support and encouragement. Because of some reason
Forum Responses: Political discussions often tend to stray and become personal discussions. A phrase had been popul
Forum: Why is having Speech Problems a matter of shame, or rather MADE a matter of shame?
Forum: What do you think: why is it that in general, boys refrain from watching fairy tales?
Forum Responses: It would be too cynical of us if we begin to judge all of such actions as "business tactics". Howe
Forum Responses: #627318 It must be some other movie. I have watched the movie FROZEN. And though you pointed out
Forum Responses: It is also relevant that it is poor people who suffer for their crimes the most while richer people
Forum Responses: Dario Fo, in his satirical play, THE ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST, deals with this issue. It i

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