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Forum Responses: Somewhere I read this inspiration quote - "OUR FLAG DOES NOT FLY BECAUSE THE WIND BLOWS IT; IT FLIES
Forum Responses: Its a good move indeed. The appeasing politics should be stopped no matter which religion it belong
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Forum Responses: Mr. Ramachandran ji, please stick to the topic. What you are talking is a different matter and topic
Forum Responses: Great to get the good responses which will only encourage me to bring some more interesting threads.
Forum Responses: Normally, I do not believe in superstitions. However, I am human too, directly or indirectly I get a
Forum Responses: There are people around us who are not only helpful but stand with us in our tough time. And, we mus
Forum Responses: "Hinduism survived against all odds from the good olden days ..." I am very much agreed with this

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