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I am from Kerala. I have done my graduation in Law. After a roll around between practice, a short stint in the Army and back to practice, I am now concentrating on doing some private consultancy jobs.
I like reading and writing. Watching movies and listening to music is my another passion.
Ever since I joined this educational portal I have made it a point to contribute regularly to the different sections and I am enjoying what I am doing.

I am assisting the Management as an Editor of the Forum section since July 2013.

Promoted as Lead Editor wef 01 Jan 2014.


Colleges & Education

The Kerala Law Academy Law College, Thiruvananthapuram (1990 Law: L.LB General)
    Law Academy days will never be forgotten. It was total enjoyment with studies. Most of us still keep in touch through various modes and do organize get-together that takes us back to those lovely days.

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