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Forum Responses: Smartphones will reduce the concentration power, especially students. It is not that the notificati
Forum Responses: This thread is forcing me to write. I was fond of Geography in my school days. I loved to color and
Forum Responses: A good thread. Yes we are not acknowledging their efforts. This may be due to our hectic life. Bu
Forum Responses: Humania… Most of the human beings suffer from a psychological disorder called 'Humania'.The oppre
Forum Responses: New Delhi's 20 million people are living in Gas chamber! The deadliest 'tiny particulate matter' ca
Forum Responses: I am experiencing large scale Tsunami of threads in this forum now! Unable to read
Forum Responses: Ms Neelam Joshi,This is a major concern. Mass migration is happening unabatedly in eastern borders.
Forum Responses: @615221 Well said. Earth's rotation on its axis causes humans to move from a waking state to slee
Forum Responses: The concept is not correct. Interest rate is a tool to control the flow of money (by RBI).If rate i
Forum Responses: Editors/Moderators, Why don't you Guy's go for rating system such as star ratings/stars or any symb
Forum Responses: @614902 Good!
Forum Responses: Mohanji, Former TN Chief Minister Ms Jaylalita used to draw a salary of Rs 1 per month. She happily
Forum Responses: I recommend the book 'Collapse' written by Dr Jared Diamond, professor of Geography at the, Universi
Forum Responses: Venkiteswaran Ji This thread is found to be quite interesting. My views are in variance with your
Forum Responses: SuN Congratulations for your newly constructed sweet home! I sincerely appreciate your efforts/har
Forum Responses: Anger is good sometimes. People feel anger at different times. If you experience an unjust treatmen
Forum Responses: Mohan Ji, I am supporting. As you are the stalwart of the forum section, your voice will be heard
Forum Responses: Mobile phone is not a friend. I am trying hard to stop its use. Successfully limited its use. Peopl
Forum Responses: Bhuvan Bhai, Real estate investments are comparatively risk free. The value of your building is dec
Forum Responses: Grief is an excellent teacher. Because we are human. What about happiness? If we didn't feel these

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