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Date of Birth: 07/08/1984

Educational Qualification

1. B.E. Mechanical Engineering (2002-2006)
2. M.Tech. Mechanical Engineering (2007-2009)
3. Ph.D (Pursuing) from NIT-SURAT (2010-onwards)

About Me:

I am straight forward person(belong to Gujarat) with kind heart. I love to help others because nothing in the world is yours, it is ours.

I did my schooling from Palitana & Bhavnagar, the cities of Gujarat(India). I have taken study and learning a very important thing in life when I was 11. I got good academic performance through out my journey of academic study.

After completion of my higher secondary in 2002, I got admission in Shantilal Shah Engineering College, September 2002. I completed B.E. (Mechanical Engineering)in July, 2006 with Gold Medal.

During July,2006 to July,2007, I worked as maintenance Engineer at Saurashtra Cement Limited, Ranavav, Gujarat.

When I got further study chance in July,, 2007, I quit my job and taken admission in Master of technology at NIT-SURAT which completed on July,2009.

Presently, I am doing PhD in Cryogenics Engineering from NIT-SURAT from December 2010 along with lecturership at the same college.

Next Goal:

My next task/goal is to complete Ph.D.

Work experience:

1) I have worked as maintenance engineer in Saurashtra Cement Ltd, Ranavav nearby Porbandar(Gujarat) from July 2006 to July 2007)
2) I have worked as lecturer in mechanical engineering dept. in L. D. College of engineering from November, 2009 to September, 2010.


I joined(Dec.2010) the Ph.D. with subject of "Cryogenics" which deals with production of low temperature below 123 K.

My objective for PhD work is to produce 10 K for infrared sensors, SQUID, superconductivity devices applications.

My notable achievements in academics:

1. GOLD MEDALIST(B.E. Mechanical Engineering)
2. GOLD MEDALIST(M.Tech. Mechanical Engineering)

My Recent Resources at IndiaStudyChannel:

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  • Introduction to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and element types used in FEA

  • Different types of Iron and its material properties

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  • How to get most out of a 'Reading' - A Reading Technique

  • Yoga precautions and its advantages

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  • M. Tech - Research at SVNIT (NIT-Surat)

  • Different ways of 'Heat Transfer'

  • How to do preparation for PhD admission?

  • Important seminar topics in Mechanical Engineering

  • How to do testing of honey for its purity

  • Electricity savings in home appliances

  • Tips to improve your self confidence

  • Different product forms in manufacturing

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  • How to insert/write mathematical equation in Microsoft Word?

  • Fun with mathematics by various digits

  • Problem solving techniques

  • Construction and working of 'Ice Plant'

  • Construction and working of 'Cold Storage Plant'

  • Interview tips for fresher

  • Rules of success in every aspects of life

  • Overview of working of GAMBIT and FLUENT software

  • Industrial Process Equipment Design (IPED) syllabus at SVNIT

  • Time management tips to get sure success

  • How to take measurement by Vernier calliper and micrometer?

  • Types of steel and steel making process

  • Types of chip formation during machining

  • Material Properties requirements of a machine tool

  • Computation of Fluid Dynamics Tool for 1D heat diffusion

  • Operational procedure for vacuum pumping system

  • Tips to become extraordinary person

  • Mahatma Gandhiji's Great Thoughts

  • Construction and working of liquid Nitrogen Plant

  • My interests/Hobbies:

    1. Knowledge sharing
    2. Reading stuffs related to science and technology
    3. Playing and watching Cricket
    4. Listening Music


    Colleges & Education

    Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat (2009 General: M.Tech Industrial Process Equipment Design)
      - One of the NITs of INDIA.
      - The infrastructure and facilities in this college are good.
      - Hostel facilities of this colleges are very nice. There are 11 different hostels in the campus which includes 4 Mega hostel with more than 700 capacity.
      - NIT-Meghalaya campus is under the campus of NIT-Surat.
      - Very well known for training and placement for graduate students.Very big and nice companies are ready to recruit students in mass.
      - I am currently in this college for my PhD study here in 'Cryogenics Engineering 'under mechanical Engg. department.
      - One of the great thing I liked about this college is big campus and location is very optimum compared to other colleges outside the cities.
      - Internet facilities provided here is excellent.
    Shantilal Shah Engineering College, Bhavnagar (2006 Mechanical: B.E Mechanical Engineering)
      I was student of this college for 2006 batch (2002-2006). The college is well connected by road from Bhavnagar city (about 11.2 km away from college location). State transport buses and private vehicles are only hope for transportation to this location.

      The college is having wide campus area but the college does have its own canteen. The hostel facilities are of average qualities.

    (To list your education here, you must search for colleges and add yourself as a student by clicking on the link 'Add Your Name' in the college details page.)

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