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Forum Responses: It is time for the man to grow up, stop being 'mama's boy', and take up responsibility for his life/
Ask Expert Answers: We do not know if the medical researchers consider the salt needs according to regional needs. The W
Forum Responses: One should first understand how the income of big earners puts them in a position of strength, and g
Forum Responses: In life we will face a whole range of feelings and attitudes both positive and negative ones. But we
Forum Responses: That ability to overcome fear comes from the trust factor between the horse and carriage driver. Hor
Forum Responses: Even in the old days before the brakes came into existence, people knew how to slow down and stop a
Forum Responses: Technology does not take away the choice you have. It may loom large over you or intimidate you but
Forum Responses: Around 1945 there was military operation called 'Project Seal' that took place in New Zealand. It in
Forum Responses: Fear does cause one to behave without thinking. It seems more people die out of fear than other caus
Forum Responses: I did receive two SMS stating the porting number code from RCom on my phone a few days ago. Now ther
Forum Responses: Worshipping God is to be done in spirit and truth, not by outward displays. Changing names like that
Forum Responses: Marriages are NOT made in heaven. It is the effort of the partners that make a marriage as heaven or
Forum Responses: Re #612232 #1 – having multiple wives was not unusual in the days of kings of the past. Almost all
Forum Responses: Our parents struggled to raise us through all the difficulties of their time. Today's parents have a
Forum Responses: First of all you cannot measure love. Trying to grade the 3 options given is an exercise in futility
Forum Responses: Motive for helping someone depends upon the situation on a case by case basis. While it seems to
Forum Responses: Hitler is supposed to have said "If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will
Forum Responses: Your poem reminds me of the arguments of Job, from the Book of Job in Bible. Job is a very good man
Forum Responses: There are some ways to find out if the Illuminati (single 't' only) exists. One is by trying to find
Forum Responses: Prayer is really a two-way conversation with God. This is not limited to a particular place of worsh

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