Status: I am the most intellectual person...Nobody can touch my barefoot nail.
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Forum Responses: I pray to almighty for your quick recovery and really it's a god grace you escaped from serious inju
Forum Responses: I completely differ the Judgement given here it is already Predetermined winners e by just seeing th
Forum Responses: Virat captaincy record here SRI LANKA TEST SERIES 2-1 played in SRI LANKA South Africa 3-0 Pla
Forum Responses: All fake PayTM series wins in order to marketize their product in India where they chose Cricket as
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Forum Responses: As my final comments to end with a Joke or similarity drawn As there are two types of parliamentari
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Forum Responses: My heartiest congrats to all the winners of Republic day 2017. Well done Soundharya, Kunjumol, Princ
Forum Responses: 1)The discussion is here Should celebrities be conferred with honorary degrees & doctorates. How com
Forum Responses: As I come back one more time National Awards should not used for the publicity and it's a violation
Forum Responses: The above thread duplicated before wrapping up this GD as I discussed this matter with my late fathe
Forum Responses: Some celebrities feel that if they prefix the Doctorate degree they will get more value to their nam
Forum Responses: I want to stress one more point here Religion, region, caste will also play a pivotal role in awardi
Forum Responses: #589297 Previously the movie actors when titles are screening they use Dr.Mohan babu and Dr. Akinen
Forum Responses: #589301 I beg to differ that all Universities are autonomous they are under UGC University Grants Co
Forum Responses: 589287 Thank you for concurring my views.
Forum Responses: I want to pose a question to all the ISC members who are participating here If somebody questions th
Forum Responses: I Say a strict No. I furnish my points below here 1)First of all, we need to think in perspective
Forum: Which is the best human donation?

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