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Forum Responses: I asked them to acknowledge once the Payment is done.... But nobody did that.So my assumption is the
Forum Responses: Still I did n't receive any payment from my Invoice.Please do the Needful....
Forum Responses: As Aditya comments seem if something happens well that is my virtue otherwise it is others with this
Forum: Bangla Taka is nearing to Indian Rupee!
Forum Responses: Because of Bhagavat Gita, only the varnas the Castes have been defined or Categorised like Dvija(the
Forum Responses: #593408 Whatever I told you told many people do have a wrong notation that that reading Gita will gi
Forum Responses: Many of the People do not know what is Bhagavat Gita is all about are participating in the discussio
Forum Responses: When Lord Krishna teaches Bhagavat Gita in the context of Mahabharat Yudha so Jeets please make a n
Forum Responses: In France or some country as their own invented powerful Missile, On body of the missile they wrote
Forum Responses: Bhagavat Gita written by the sage Vyasa Maharshi quoted a beautiful Sanskrit Stanza I want to write
Forum: As I filled invoice I haven't received my cash payment.
Forum Responses: How Amitshah will tell that he can form the Government in 4 Assembly constituencies which he got the
Forum Responses: How Amitshah will tell that he can form the Government in 4 Assembly constituencies which he got the
Forum Responses: I pray to almighty for your quick recovery and really it's a god grace you escaped from serious inju
Forum Responses: I completely differ the Judgement given here it is already Predetermined winners e by just seeing th
Forum Responses: Virat captaincy record here SRI LANKA TEST SERIES 2-1 played in SRI LANKA South Africa 3-0 Pla
Forum Responses: All fake PayTM series wins in order to marketize their product in India where they chose Cricket as
Forum Responses: A Good contest in the purview of the order of the day. My heartiest congrats to Partha, Chitra, and
Forum: Who will going to win in UP elections?
Forum Responses: As my final comments to end with a Joke or similarity drawn As there are two types of parliamentari

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