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* My name is T.M.Sankaran.

# I am a retired Professor. My subject of specialisation is Statistics (applied to Fisheries problems).

# My services, as University teacher, were with 'Cochin University of Science and Technology' and with 'Kerala Agricultural University'.

# I had opportunity to handle classes for both UG and PG students. At PG level I taught Statistics for different specialised courses which include Marine Biology, Oceanography, Meteorology, Marine Geology, Mathematics, Statistics, Industrial Fisheries, Marine Chemistry, Atmospheric Sciences (M.Tech), Rubber Technology and Polymer Sciences, Aquaculture, Fishery Biology, Fishery hydrography and Fisheries Extension.

# I could advise the Statistical analysis of several (about 40) Ph.D. scholars. I was in the advisory committee of more than 30 PG students. Several Research projects were taken up by me jointly with other scientists.

# I could publish more than 30 research papers in National and International journals. About 40 popular articles are also there in my name.

# Two books, Practical Manual in Statistics (jointly with Alphi Korath) and 'Srinivasa Ramanujan - A Genius in Mathematical World' (in Malayalam),have also been published. Also worked as editor for different books and other publications. Recently another Translation work also has been published.

# I worked as a member of several examination boards of different Universities. I had Membership in different Academic and administrative bodies of the University. I was a member of two Expert committees constituted by the Kerala State Government. Also served different advisory committees of Local Self Governments of the locality.

# After retirement from the University service, I joined Integrated Rural Technology Centre (IRTC), Mundur, Palakkad, Kerala, first as Research Coordinator and later as its Director.

# After serving IRTC for two and a half years, I left started working as a Senior Adviser with Centre for Environment and Development, Trivandrum at its regional office in Kochi.
#Presently I am working as the President of a Service Co-operative Bank at Edappally, Kochi.

# I write and publish popular science articles in different journals, mostly published in my mother tongue (Malayalam).I am at present is a member of the Editorial Board of a Popular Science Magazine,'Sastrgathy'.

# Recently two articles have been published in the site 'scribd.com' and three in 'ezinearticle.com'.


Colleges & Education

St. Thomas College, Thrissur (1964 Math: B.Sc Mathematics)
    A fine college keeping a high standard.
    Got a gold medal for being the first in degree classes.
    Professors Subba Raman, Krishnan Nambudiri, C.K.Warrier, N.K.Seshan, VR Subramanyam.
    I am settled at Kochi, where I was working as a University teacher.
    A few of them contacts.

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