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I feel the rules have been clear and transparent. Recently, I missed a deadline and wanted to contriForum ResponsesNatarajan19 Dec 2017
Vidya Viakas Hindi SchoolSchoolsM BK18 Dec 2017
Nice thoughts about taking risks. The author has modeled the poem in a lovely way involving things Forum ResponsesPooja Srivastava18 Dec 2017
Though I didn't delve deep into Gujarat or the Himachal elections, I do however think that the GujarForum ResponsesDhruv18 Dec 2017
I think it would be more difficult to express our anger towards our virtual friends. In real life, wForum ResponsesNatarajan18 Dec 2017
Glad to hear that the indigenous Brahmos missile is being fitted to the 40 Sukhoi combat aircrafts. Forum ResponsesNatarajan18 Dec 2017
Even animals are better than such human beings. Animals never hurt their own family. Such cruel peoForum ResponsesPooja Srivastava18 Dec 2017
Everybody tries to make some or the other resolution when the new year approaches. It is a nice way Forum ResponsesPooja Srivastava18 Dec 2017
The newly crowned President of the Congress has some cause to be happy, Congress knew deep within thForum ResponsesNatarajan18 Dec 2017
It is an article that can help us in day-to-day life. it is an useful gift of nature that should be Resource ResponsesSwati Sarnobat18 Dec 2017
Yes a good win against SriLanka, it would have been a easy 3-0 for India if we had focussed on the fForum ResponsesNatarajan18 Dec 2017
Do you often forget things?ForumPooja Srivastava18 Dec 2017
So far as New Year resolution is concerned, I never change my resolution. On every New Year eve, I Forum ResponsesPartha Kansabanik18 Dec 2017
Useful article! Always drink little water after every hour instead of drinking two to three glasses Resource ResponsesSwati Sarnobat18 Dec 2017
At functions there is the great atmosphere of fun and joy with people laughing and greeting each othForum ResponsesNatarajan18 Dec 2017
This article is about combating different problems during pregnancy, so, one of the most common probResource ResponsesSwati Sarnobat18 Dec 2017
When I look back, the way in which we were living in countryside, about fifty or more years back, thForum ResponsesT.M.Sankaran18 Dec 2017
I have read the question. Under the present circumstances, you will not get any loan from any NGO, Ask Expert AnswersPartha Kansabanik18 Dec 2017
I generally do not make any New Year resolution now a days. That is because of the earlier experieForum ResponsesVenkiteswaran18 Dec 2017
Being in the city, we are resigned to traffic snarls, jams and flaring tempers and continuous honkinForum ResponsesNatarajan18 Dec 2017
I have called and see many calling the bus conductor as 'conductor sir' when they have t take the tiForum ResponsesVenkiteswaran18 Dec 2017
Venkiteswaran, Whenever I organise a contest, I always keep myself clear leaving no room for complaForum ResponsesSuN18 Dec 2017
#619809 Nehurvian model of Secularism the term is used here as Nehru tried to force his way of thinkForum Responsesneelam joshi18 Dec 2017
The results are in and it looks like Rahul Gandhi has a reason to continue speaking and Mr.Modi hasForum ResponsesNatarajan18 Dec 2017
This thread on history went past me earlier. A nice introspection about our history. Truth and only Forum ResponsesNatarajan18 Dec 2017
God saves whom who know to save himself /herself. I too have said in one of the thread that the PriForum ResponsesJeets18 Dec 2017
I address only my school teachers as Sir/Madam. While I was young, I used to address the driver,s cForum ResponsesSuN18 Dec 2017
A story with a good message of the season, a realistic background, two people in jail for no fault oForum ResponsesNatarajan18 Dec 2017
I think,It is not a defeat of minority appeasement model and psedo-secularism.Congress has improved Forum ResponsesNeeraj18 Dec 2017
After the first and in some cases second round of counting, the Congress established a small lead. Forum ResponsesPartha Kansabanik18 Dec 2017
Many of us were introverts at some time or other. While most would come out of that stage by exposurResource ResponsesVenkiteswaran18 Dec 2017
Yes, the new year is around the corner, every year people make resolutions of giving up alcohol, quiForum ResponsesNatarajan18 Dec 2017
Wi Max combines the features of wired and wireless broadband. But after the advent and popularity Resource ResponsesVenkiteswaran18 Dec 2017
Music is all about its tune and rhythm. Specially when dancing song has such catchy tunes, lyrics reForum ResponsesJeets18 Dec 2017
God is with BJP. The Congress party at one time was leading with 83 to BJP 78 or so, there was excitForum ResponsesKVRR18 Dec 2017
These are people who are unfit to be called as humans beings and such people are spread out among usForum ResponsesNatarajan18 Dec 2017
Dr. Rao, The KBC and KBH pattern is same. As I cannot make someone a crorepathi or lakhpathi, I intForum ResponsesSuN18 Dec 2017
BJP: 99 Congress:79 Others:4 God's hand in the victory? or God withdrew 16 seats from BJP? God Forum ResponsesNeeraj18 Dec 2017
I fully support Ms. Joshi. Secularism means separation of state's affairs from religion. In India,Forum ResponsesPartha Kansabanik18 Dec 2017
If your father's name is incorrectly mentioned in your marksheet then it will be a problem at the tiAsk Expert Answersneeru bhatt18 Dec 2017
Aditya's thread leads me to my memoirs. During my school days, we were yearning for Tomatoes, potaForum ResponsesVenkiteswaran18 Dec 2017
There are various branded electric kettles available in the market for approx 1 ltr capacity. The maAsk Expert Answersneeru bhatt18 Dec 2017
I partially agree with you Sun. Normally I do read the responses before posting a response (not all)Forum ResponsesChitra18 Dec 2017
I like Vodafone advertisements, because I like the mascot zoozoo. There was one advertisement in MalForum ResponsesChitra18 Dec 2017
These are all good to write but rarely practiced. We need not address a postman or a conductor as siForum ResponsesKVRR18 Dec 2017
I assume the situation during the time of great kings and their kingdom was very good. And if such aForum ResponsesPooja Srivastava18 Dec 2017
The mentality of the people is such that they are attracted towards anything that is banned. By bannForum ResponsesKVRR18 Dec 2017
Wow, I am hearing this word for the first time and it sounds very interesting. The word itself depiForum ResponsesPooja Srivastava18 Dec 2017
The author has used the terms "Nehruvian model of secularism" and "minority appeasement of Congress"Forum ResponsesKVRR18 Dec 2017
Thats right, as Pramilakapahi pointed out, it is a very good gesture to speak like that with the peoForum ResponsesPooja Srivastava18 Dec 2017

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