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Pharmacy gateway bpo and merchant serviceForumVistasofft17 Jul 2018
As a regular in the Forum section, we know that Mr. SuN could not have exhausted his quota of 15 thrForum ResponsesPartha K.17 Jul 2018
Yes political maturity is grown in every one as we are confronted with news from print, electronic mForum ResponsesK Mohan17 Jul 2018
We are using latest gadgets in all the areas and in communication and telephone area, smartphone hasForum Responsesumesh17 Jul 2018
No way, his posting quota might have be exhausted and hence resumed after five days I believe. But SForum ResponsesK Mohan17 Jul 2018
If she is really interested to talk to the students and get to know the problems , then there shouldForum ResponsesK Mohan17 Jul 2018
There are different ways of looking at things. While some learned members believe that smart devicForum ResponsesJuana17 Jul 2018
My hearty congratulations to the winners and special prize winners of the thread of the week contestForum ResponsesSyed Rizwan17 Jul 2018
But will she take questions from the students? And would she label the questioner(s) Maoist(s) who wForum ResponsesPartha K.17 Jul 2018
The author has presented nicely the difference between the need and want. Needs are to be satisfied.Resource ResponsesDR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao17 Jul 2018
I think Mr. SuN was suspended for some time. Thereafter, his suspension has been withdrawn. So, now Forum ResponsesPartha K.17 Jul 2018
If one is interested in getting certification from Amazon Web Services then AWS Solution Architect AAsk Expert Answersumesh17 Jul 2018
I have already stated clearly that the answer was mine. So, points and cash credit have been given. Forum ResponsesPartha K.17 Jul 2018
Anonymous questions will not get any points. Anonymous answers will not attract any CC. This is whatForum ResponsesDR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao17 Jul 2018
May deliver something good that has been done by her government and probably she may talk about theiForum ResponsesDR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao17 Jul 2018
ITR-4 form is one of the seven forms of Income Tax Department. This Return Form is to be used by an Ask Expert AnswersPartha K.17 Jul 2018
Politics is a known subject to all. Here people will have their affiliations. So they may want to sForum ResponsesDR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao17 Jul 2018
Edvizo - A Revolution in the Education WorldResourcesBasudev yadav17 Jul 2018
It may not be a problem with ISC. This site is fine with others. No complaint from anybody. How is yForum ResponsesDR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao17 Jul 2018
Wrong career decision: an issue to be solvedResourcesBasudev yadav17 Jul 2018
Government First Grade CollegeCollegesSyeda Heena Taj17 Jul 2018
Top 7 tips to optimize transferable skillsResourcesJuana17 Jul 2018
Cashkumar receives NBFC-P2P certification from RBI Focused exclusively on short-term loans for salaResource ResponsesVidya17 Jul 2018
I think what Sun meant by being silenced by ISC for five days is that he was banned from posting on Forum ResponsesJuana17 Jul 2018
It is because politics doesn't require a sharp brain. In order to talk about other subjects, there nForum ResponsesBhuvan17 Jul 2018
Politics is very popular among IndiansForumPartha K.17 Jul 2018
I think the St Stephens college administration is erred in calling West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee to Forum ResponsesK Mohan17 Jul 2018
By the why the ISC would be silencing a known member. And the site is working normally for us. It sForum ResponsesK Mohan17 Jul 2018
As per the site rules the anonymous post or reply is not eligible for cash credits, how ever points Forum ResponsesK Mohan17 Jul 2018
Rather unfortunate. From the little knowledge that I have, I do not see it as being a problem frForum ResponsesJuana17 Jul 2018
Neelam, If your grandmother is suffering from pain the limbs it is better to consult a doctor. PResource ResponsesJuana17 Jul 2018
It is very difficult to submit longer responses by mobile phone. At least I can't do it. You may getForum ResponsesPartha K.17 Jul 2018
St. Thomas Matriculation Higher Secondary SchoolSchoolsSoundharya17 Jul 2018
Everybody must have a time for her/his own hobby. This is known as the favorite pastime. This favoriForum ResponsesSankalan Bhattacharya17 Jul 2018
What has gone wrong with my laptop?ForumSuN17 Jul 2018
No issues Mr.Partha, since we know this now, request the ME? Editors to clarify and close the threadForum ResponsesNatarajan17 Jul 2018
You are a student of B.Tech. After completion of B.Tech, you are required to complete M.Tech, It wouAsk Expert AnswersPartha K.17 Jul 2018
OMG! Just now I have checked the reply. This is my own reply. But I never post reply in Ask Expert sForum ResponsesPartha K.17 Jul 2018
Long back, I also raised a thread on anonymous questions and anonymous replies. Anonymous questions Forum ResponsesPartha K.17 Jul 2018
Query about a mistake for applicationAsk Expert QuestionsPrithwish Pandey17 Jul 2018
the anonymous reply. PS: Nothing personal at the member, it is just that we have had a lot of discForum ResponsesNatarajan17 Jul 2018
Anonymous replies in AE section.ForumNatarajan17 Jul 2018
Great news! I have heard that the students of St. Stephens are overburdened with study and individuaForum ResponsesPartha K.17 Jul 2018
Didi will deliver a lecture at St Stephen's CollegeForumSankalan Bhattacharya17 Jul 2018
The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide for the Associate exam will be very usefuAsk Expert AnswersDR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao17 Jul 2018
The world has changed. It is better to leave our wives to lead the life the way they wish. Mil and DForum ResponsesSuN17 Jul 2018
A.What is the criteria for admission to the college for BAMS? The BAMS entrance exams have been Ask Expert AnswersNatarajan17 Jul 2018
In Telugu field, there was an actor by the name Naggaiah. He was a very good actor but he also acts Forum ResponsesDR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao17 Jul 2018
All the threads posted by the members will be scrutinised by the editors and if they find any spam pForum ResponsesDR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao17 Jul 2018
No, Sir. Out of 125 crores, you and only you understand cricket. As you understand cricket, kindlForum ResponsesPartha K.17 Jul 2018

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