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Never even waste one glass of water. You may have to reach 1000 feet deep to get the sameForumK Mohan25 Mar 2017
Saji if your word is to be taken for granted. I challenge every topic discussed supposed to be raiseForum ResponsesK Mohan25 Mar 2017
Rearing a pet is the pure prerogative of respective persons and their interest. Some are interested Resource ResponsesK Mohan25 Mar 2017
The author did gave elaborate tips and ideas as to how to make career in Cricket as a professional cResource ResponsesK Mohan25 Mar 2017
While editors are in deleting spree about my threads appearing on same topics. But how come this thrForum ResponsesK Mohan25 Mar 2017
How to save money ? Probably this question should be put to children, young ones and also to the eldResource ResponsesK Mohan25 Mar 2017
I am against the concept of sending children to the Residential school and it portrays negatively onForum ResponsesK Mohan25 Mar 2017
While raising thread we do not refer to all those threads raised in these seven years. By the way anForum ResponsesK Mohan25 Mar 2017
Politicians who got elected through people votes feel that they are above the law and many of them bForum ResponsesK Mohan25 Mar 2017
Nice mention from the author. Every year Indian government holds the NRI meet and in that so many ofForum ResponsesK Mohan25 Mar 2017
Sun please understand the acceptance of old notes at bank counters was the hell of experience even fForum ResponsesK Mohan25 Mar 2017
While I appreciate the author for covering most of the great Indian cuisines but I got really annoyeResource ResponsesK Mohan24 Mar 2017
Telecom war in India makes the cusomer vulnerable not to take any firm decisionForumK Mohan24 Mar 2017
Now the latest news says that the so called MP wont relent nor tender applogy for his arrogance and Forum ResponsesK Mohan24 Mar 2017
We may not adjust with the time, at least we may manage to do so.ForumK Mohan24 Mar 2017
There is nothing wrong to discuss either Mahabharath as a whole, Bhagawathgita in particular and anyForum ResponsesK Mohan24 Mar 2017
What I feel that unlike a strong association for the Industries, there is no strong representation fForum ResponsesK Mohan24 Mar 2017
Government cannot see every one with sore eye as if they stashed the black money. People were not haForum ResponsesK Mohan24 Mar 2017
Hearty congrats to Ramakrishna Kambhampati , Sushma , Joyshree and Jeets for winning the Active GD oForum ResponsesK Mohan24 Mar 2017
Why politicians turn arrogant at public places and harrass public servants. Are they above law ?ForumK Mohan24 Mar 2017
There are many ways to wish the newly married couple and I would choose one of the following: WisForum ResponsesK Mohan24 Mar 2017
Since our MP and MLA are in the public glare and also towed by taxing authorities, they are bound toForum ResponsesK Mohan24 Mar 2017
What I feel that most of the Indian marriages are performed for the others to get noticed and not foForum ResponsesK Mohan24 Mar 2017
A very nice and heat touching statement indeed. A blood donor makes his contribution from the heart Forum ResponsesK Mohan24 Mar 2017
Why RBI is not exchanging old genuine banned notes in spite of deadline being 31st Mar 17 ?ForumK Mohan24 Mar 2017
Marriage by mutual consent is love and marriage with everyone consent is bonding of two hearts. NormForum ResponsesK Mohan24 Mar 2017
Our success may be important to others for comment, but getting satisfied is must for us.ForumK Mohan23 Mar 2017
The author did gave elaborate details about how to plan destinations of tourist interest across IndiResource ResponsesK Mohan23 Mar 2017
In Hyderabad we have the habit of applying Kathaa to the betel leaves which enhances the red contentForum ResponsesK Mohan23 Mar 2017
For that matter even in Telangana new districts have been formed and not officially declared at ISC.Forum ResponsesK Mohan23 Mar 2017
Very nice to know that the author has spent six good years with this great site and that is no mean Forum ResponsesK Mohan23 Mar 2017
There has been persistent demand from MP's and MLA's that they should also be treated on par with a Forum ResponsesK Mohan23 Mar 2017
Plagiarism is the pertinent problem in the internet world and most of the original writers and origiResource ResponsesK Mohan23 Mar 2017
Managing personal finance is the great task and every one is experienced enough to taste success. ThResource ResponsesK Mohan23 Mar 2017
In fact Siddu was saying to media that after 6.30 pm, what ever he does is own personal matter and Forum ResponsesK Mohan23 Mar 2017
Yes I strongly believe that money is overriding the talent and this can be seen and vouched in everyForum ResponsesK Mohan23 Mar 2017
When someone is well settled and able to lead a happy and prosperous life, his immediate task would Forum ResponsesK Mohan23 Mar 2017
For government it is the source of income and they wont ban and for people who are habitual drinkersForum ResponsesK Mohan23 Mar 2017
How to stop drinkers from their habit ? Read this important suggestion to Govt.ForumK Mohan23 Mar 2017
Illegal constructions and floods thereafter damaging structures cannot be related to Dev Bhoomi statForum ResponsesK Mohan23 Mar 2017
Sun has raised a valid point. All these years, Ilayaraja was obliging and even behaving like his MusForum ResponsesK Mohan23 Mar 2017
When others received the payment in time this time then why the two members could not ? Please verifForum ResponsesK Mohan23 Mar 2017
As far as the Idea of this site goes, the information and the views expressed here must be concernedForum ResponsesK Mohan23 Mar 2017
According to you Navjyot Singh Siddu is a good politician or best judge of reality shows ?ForumK Mohan22 Mar 2017
Yes the author made the right submission that water too has the medicinal value and many of us thinkResource ResponsesK Mohan22 Mar 2017
Good that our household sacred plant "Tulasi" is getting due attention through the author for its shResource ResponsesK Mohan22 Mar 2017
Uttarakhand is the "Dev Bhoomi", that means it has natural blessings of Gods and thus people are benForum ResponsesK Mohan22 Mar 2017
See any pooja or ritual would last hardly for one or one and half our. At least for that period inviForum ResponsesK Mohan22 Mar 2017
Yes in our Hindu tradition offering betel leaves along with betel nut powder is the age old custom oForum ResponsesK Mohan22 Mar 2017
Yes Humanity is deteriorating and we wont find a sooth heart person coming to the rescue of the needForum ResponsesK Mohan22 Mar 2017

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