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What I presume that the caste of the father would be passed as the legacy to the child. In this caseAsk Expert AnswersK Mohan23 May 2017
I appreciate the author for giving some nice tips which would surely help those freshers who seek joResource ResponsesK Mohan23 May 2017
Nice article on Life coaching tools which I am coming across for the first time in my life. In this Resource ResponsesK Mohan23 May 2017
The author has raised a important point through this post. Over the years it has been seen exodus ofForum ResponsesK Mohan23 May 2017
Warm welcome to Kalam Noor as the new member of this great site and appreciation to your sister for Forum ResponsesK Mohan23 May 2017
The sudden shower accompanied by thunder and gale would be bothersome to many who have dig up for coForum ResponsesK Mohan23 May 2017
Normally in these days every one pretends to be intelligent and wont seek any advice. But by the virForum ResponsesK Mohan23 May 2017
She is also writing for AIIMS on 28th June for limited seats that too centered in North India only. Forum ResponsesK Mohan23 May 2017
Once again a very good article with very good tips on how to attend the interview with good body lanResource ResponsesK Mohan22 May 2017
Bsc Life science or Agriculture Engineering or wait for the NEET results 2017 for my daughter ?ForumK Mohan22 May 2017
The author has well presented the difference between smile and laugh. While smile can change even thForum ResponsesK Mohan22 May 2017
Unmindful of having so many benefits of having coffee, we the Tamilians have the habit of taking cofResource ResponsesK Mohan22 May 2017
While the author gave some very good tips for those students who are working or studying abroad, givResource ResponsesK Mohan22 May 2017
What I feel when the parents understand the child right from the beginning of making in to a adolescForum ResponsesK Mohan22 May 2017
This government has proved that by shifting pricing policy to the oil companies, we are sometimes geForum ResponsesK Mohan22 May 2017
Nikita warm welcome to this site as a new member and I can understand your eagerness to share somethForum ResponsesK Mohan22 May 2017
While I do agree with the author perception on how to become a Bank Manager in India. what I feel thResource ResponsesK Mohan22 May 2017
Good article from the author which gives pep to start own business. Normally people feel that after Resource ResponsesK Mohan22 May 2017
If there is no ups and downs in life, it is the indication that your innings are over.ForumK Mohan22 May 2017
Decision taking attitude less in women says Congress leader Kapil Sibal . Any comment ?ForumK Mohan22 May 2017
What I suggest that when ever ED propose to raid any person they must first impound their pass port Forum ResponsesK Mohan22 May 2017
For the poor family the government is helping them to complete the B tech which is a must to clear tForum ResponsesK Mohan22 May 2017
Very thought provoking thread from the author. Some people do take to short cut method of getting naForum ResponsesK Mohan22 May 2017
Why our corrupt Industrialists and politicians escape to London when charge sheeted ?ForumK Mohan21 May 2017
And bad news for the ladies as their make up items and make up kits would be costly and that deliberForum ResponsesK Mohan21 May 2017
Opposition parties are facing problems with cases being piled up against them , therefore no oppositForum ResponsesK Mohan21 May 2017
Instead of blaming PM Modi for the demonetization and accountability, it is RBI which played spoil sForum ResponsesK Mohan21 May 2017
When ever you attempt a job, be keen and well versed to reach the target. It seems you have the habiForum ResponsesK Mohan21 May 2017
Pooja this question was raised previously too. Our webmaster Tony is the tech savvy person and he isForum ResponsesK Mohan21 May 2017
Sir I could not enjoy your jokes fully except the first one. All the three other jokes have surpasseForum ResponsesK Mohan21 May 2017
Yes Indian media is highly biased and are even controlled by a political party or group and thus theForum ResponsesK Mohan21 May 2017
Listening to the music is the core habit of my daughter. She would listen to songs and even watch thForum ResponsesK Mohan21 May 2017
Good selection by the ISC as Rashmi Verma has made a good beginning in this site and I could qualityForum ResponsesK Mohan21 May 2017
Please accept my best wishes for having adjudged as the star contributor for the Month of April and Forum ResponsesK Mohan21 May 2017
How people voted for Modi government policies while having completed three years ForumK Mohan21 May 2017
With new GST regime house holds would become happy as things gets cheaperForumK Mohan21 May 2017
Now the fresh controversy raked up by rogue Pakistan. It says that ICJ only stayed the execution anForum ResponsesK Mohan21 May 2017
In a fit of anger on petty issues we some times get in to cold war with relatives and even close friForum ResponsesK Mohan21 May 2017
Well the media is widely showing the antics of Khawar Qureshi and the social media is agog with actiForum ResponsesK Mohan21 May 2017
When a post is not interesting to you kindly avoid making any comment or desist from making negativeForum ResponsesK Mohan21 May 2017
The editors are simply acting on the some negative response from the members and thus without even tForum ResponsesK Mohan21 May 2017
My hearty contrats to Rashmi Verma for her creative thread " Can money buy happiness" which was inteForum ResponsesK Mohan21 May 2017
The two sentence written in that report stands by the news by the Business line and probably that waForum ResponsesK Mohan20 May 2017
Yes rewards are the real motivation to any person. It need not be a cash reward or a big shield. JusForum ResponsesK Mohan20 May 2017
Give respect to my posts. , We are not here to make time pass. Rejoinder.ForumK Mohan20 May 2017
The author has brought in a real problem India has been facing on unemployment and this post clearlyForum ResponsesK Mohan20 May 2017
Yes you can edit your name with short name say Dr S R Shukla which would suffice for us to understanForum ResponsesK Mohan20 May 2017
Only older generation members belonging to this site knows about Readers Digest. I remember the booForum ResponsesK Mohan20 May 2017
From the above information one can gather that Indians have become more lazy. Instead of going to thForum ResponsesK Mohan20 May 2017
India study channel is the educational portal and here who ever becomes member share their knowledgeForum ResponsesK Mohan20 May 2017

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