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Why there is a need for pre-planning and advance booking because, like you think of going places, otForum ResponsesK Mohan27 May 2018
What I fail to understand that when Westerners are turning to our outfit and dressing sense, we are Forum ResponsesK Mohan27 May 2018
It is the era of information galore and beating the drums about our own achievements and success is Forum ResponsesK Mohan27 May 2018
When opponents are harping on one point, it is the sure sign of success !ForumK Mohan27 May 2018
Irrespective of religions, the good and bad deeds applies to all and every sect believes this in fulForum ResponsesK Mohan27 May 2018
I really admire this thread as it coincides with my thinking pattern. Even God insists that you do Forum ResponsesK Mohan27 May 2018
I am in Hyderabad for the past 55 years minus my kid period, I never came across such restaurant worForum ResponsesK Mohan26 May 2018
Have you ever participated or contributed to the Iftaar being organized at Mosques during Ramzan?ForumK Mohan26 May 2018
Sun is the God seen to every one and why other religions fail to recognize this fact ?ForumK Mohan26 May 2018
In my life I wanted to be a pilot and even attended the interviews and tests but to my misfortune I Forum ResponsesK Mohan26 May 2018
Now this is the IPL season and we are having treat of good performance from many teams and at ISC toForum ResponsesK Mohan26 May 2018
I feel the forum footer must be used to express the intention and attitudes of the member and their Forum ResponsesK Mohan26 May 2018
Keep aside the Military matters. When Bollywood attempts movies on such issues, they do film in commForum ResponsesK Mohan26 May 2018
It is the big fact that fuel pricing has been always under the doubt as there is no transparency andForum ResponsesK Mohan26 May 2018
I was watching continuously the on going face off on Sterlite issue and the after math thereof and mForum ResponsesK Mohan26 May 2018
What I believe that a Prime Ministerial candidate should have a composed mind, have the guts to facForum ResponsesK Mohan26 May 2018
My wife belongs to Sri Rangam and she never revealed about this fact. However I am also coming acrosForum ResponsesK Mohan26 May 2018
The future seems to be the age of solar and electric driven vehicles as the world cannot withstand tForum ResponsesK Mohan26 May 2018
It is a fact that in every ones life at least one and half hour time in a day, one day a week, two aForum ResponsesK Mohan26 May 2018
I vote and prefer for customized furniture for many reasons. Each home has different size of rooms aForum ResponsesK Mohan25 May 2018
Maharastra says that they already reduced their tax and still the fuel prices in Mumbai is high ?Forum ResponsesK Mohan25 May 2018
But I believe the Delhi airport is in Gurgaon or Haryana ?Forum ResponsesK Mohan25 May 2018
Fuel saving method cannot be possible as pooling of vehicle and going to a certain destination on onForum ResponsesK Mohan25 May 2018
But perceptions have been changed. When we are thinking that male is blamed for every thing and womeForum ResponsesK Mohan25 May 2018
Next time when Petrol prices are raised, do not blame Modi Government instead curse your CMForumK Mohan25 May 2018
Probably Chennai is the only city from where the Airport connectivity is made easy !ForumK Mohan25 May 2018
If you watch closely when the trains approach big junctions, gangman with torch used to see for any Forum ResponsesK Mohan25 May 2018
As a new member you can always write and review the articles appeared and being appended by you on vForum ResponsesK Mohan25 May 2018
This is very thought provoking thread initiated by the author and after reading that every one wouldForum ResponsesK Mohan25 May 2018
Yes the NDA government has finished four years of their governance and if we sincerely review the thForum ResponsesK Mohan25 May 2018
When we are a part of a group or team , the accountability starts on good and bad performance. No maForum ResponsesK Mohan25 May 2018
It is really a bad precedent when the heads of religion call for a action among their people to voteForum ResponsesK Mohan25 May 2018
The main problem in India is that most of us are under employed, that means though we have one emploForum ResponsesK Mohan25 May 2018
What I feel that Parsis and Jews fear of coming into politics and they would watch the proceedings fForum ResponsesK Mohan25 May 2018
Yes every one of us want utmost peace in our life, but often we are confronted with challenges, sad Forum ResponsesK Mohan25 May 2018
Naidu bought lots of investments to AP by telling India name and Modi brand but never given credit tForum ResponsesK Mohan24 May 2018
For me Navika Kumar of Times Now is the most preferred anchor debater on National Television. and asForum ResponsesK Mohan24 May 2018
For that matter I am a strict vegetarian too. And for the non vegetarians the mention of non veg itForum ResponsesK Mohan24 May 2018
I wont agree completely. Those who have niche to do something differently and has the capability andForum ResponsesK Mohan24 May 2018
Apart from the three religions mentioned by the author there are others who are denied the minority Forum ResponsesK Mohan24 May 2018
Hindus have been the most sober lot among all the religions and RSS wont care for mudslinging by parForum ResponsesK Mohan24 May 2018
Rahul and Chandrababu Naidu waves crowd along with other National leaders at swearing in !ForumK Mohan24 May 2018
In Telanagana and AP the marriages are fixed based on caste basis and that should be expressly arranForum ResponsesK Mohan24 May 2018
Nice thoughts from the author on the women empowerment starting from the house. Most of the house hoForum ResponsesK Mohan24 May 2018
I am truly supporting the author's submission to live the life as we like , why because we have onlyForum ResponsesK Mohan24 May 2018
In fact that old song from Tamil film was the eye opener and soothing to those who lost in the love Forum ResponsesK Mohan24 May 2018
It is called poor mans fruit in our region. We get plenty of custard apples during the season and unForum ResponsesK Mohan24 May 2018
Actually subsidies are not sought by the people, it is the politician who make promises and try to bForum ResponsesK Mohan24 May 2018
One thing can be attempted. Instead of putting the solar panels on the ground, they can be made to sForum ResponsesK Mohan24 May 2018
There are many reasons for deducting points in this site. First of all we are bounded to follow the Forum ResponsesK Mohan24 May 2018

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