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Software companies are always looking for cheaper employees as hefty pay scales cannot be afforded dForum ResponsesK Mohan16 Dec 2017
Dhanurmasam starts from today,Thirty days of prayers to Goddess Godadevi or AndalForumK Mohan16 Dec 2017
Leaning on the sofas and sitting on the chair, some members started enjoying soft music played thereForum ResponsesK Mohan16 Dec 2017
This song is the prayer for the Goddess who was the instrumental in creating many Gods later. GayatrForum ResponsesK Mohan16 Dec 2017
Having gone into water, the real commotion started as some of them pretended to be swimmers who ventForum ResponsesK Mohan15 Dec 2017
Never post copied items from other sites. Use this forum wisely and with good topics created from yoForum ResponsesK Mohan15 Dec 2017
The author should not respond and praise his own post and stop sharing images copied from other siteForum ResponsesK Mohan15 Dec 2017
It is good thought to raise voice against evil force. But before that are you strong enough to defenForum ResponsesK Mohan15 Dec 2017
My advise to Rahul Gandhi is to revamp the AICC a fresh and induct new blood of leaders who are younForum ResponsesK Mohan15 Dec 2017
Really impressed that late KC Nag works on learning Arithmetic, Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, 2-dForum ResponsesK Mohan15 Dec 2017
So what, in love marriages age does not matter and only the minds and the thinking of the couples shForum ResponsesK Mohan15 Dec 2017
Normally the author has the right to decide which is the best answer to his thread but some times evForum ResponsesK Mohan15 Dec 2017
Thanks for giving this advisory. Only yesterday I was down with fever , head ache and heavy vomitingForum ResponsesK Mohan15 Dec 2017
But they wont revert back or come again to us, that is the problem being discussed.Forum ResponsesK Mohan15 Dec 2017
Cuddling, shaking hands continued as most of old members were over joyed to see their old colleague Forum ResponsesK Mohan15 Dec 2017
But one survey predict 135 seats for BJP alone and very less for Congress and that shows no revival Forum ResponsesK Mohan15 Dec 2017
Already AP government also launched sea planes in Vijayawada and yesterday Naidu had trial run on thForum ResponsesK Mohan15 Dec 2017
Exit polls predict big win for BJP in Gujarat. If that happens will Modi Silence Rahul in future ?ForumK Mohan15 Dec 2017
Just a second, one minute please, just in a moment. Are we actually mean the time ?ForumK Mohan15 Dec 2017
I do appreciate being argumentative is the personal right of any Individual to put forth their viewsForum ResponsesK Mohan15 Dec 2017
The author has come up with thoughtful thread and it needs to be answered and deliberated. Yes TruthForum ResponsesK Mohan15 Dec 2017
Well the belief matters here. Why we go to a particular family doctor, because he knows our health ,Forum ResponsesK Mohan15 Dec 2017
Yes after a long long time we had the treat for our eyes to see some best shots from the Rohit SharmForum ResponsesK Mohan14 Dec 2017
Anything written on the answer box is eligible for points. Be it a detailed answer to the content. lForum ResponsesK Mohan14 Dec 2017
Well being tall or short surely not in our hands. Some have the personality of looking tall and theyForum ResponsesK Mohan14 Dec 2017
According to my understanding and knowledge goes, spokes persons are those who have been designated Forum ResponsesK Mohan14 Dec 2017
Nice idea which can be implemented. Every child is born in a hospital or Nursing home and they have Forum ResponsesK Mohan14 Dec 2017
Create a suitable title for this story and continue in your own wayForumK Mohan14 Dec 2017
Peeved over the irresponsible behaviour of the PA, the management was so furious that it wanted him Forum ResponsesK Mohan14 Dec 2017
@KVRR . Sea plane is the reality and soon the government want to start cruise services to Singapore Forum ResponsesK Mohan14 Dec 2017
Great to note that unemployment problem in the country is going to solve in next five years as thereForum ResponsesK Mohan14 Dec 2017
Well take his projection in positive manner. It is always good and best to have the same government Forum ResponsesK Mohan14 Dec 2017
Yes we get lots of satisfaction on achieving some thing which was expected. But we are more satisfieForum ResponsesK Mohan14 Dec 2017
Well I do appreciate the author for giving the wonderful advise of sailing with boss at the office fForum ResponsesK Mohan14 Dec 2017
Yes the voters in South are well informed about the happenings in the politics and they wont leave tForum ResponsesK Mohan14 Dec 2017
Lots of commotion in the meeting. It was complained that the main file on important meeting agenda wForum ResponsesK Mohan13 Dec 2017
For God sake never say that you wont vote or why to vote. In democracy voting is the greatest weaponForum ResponsesK Mohan13 Dec 2017
In India the people are more interested in politics and politicians because they come to them once iForum ResponsesK Mohan13 Dec 2017
It is to be noted here that state like West Bengal in which many people are not having Aadhaar cardsForum ResponsesK Mohan13 Dec 2017
Without going into details of vitamins and minerals present in it what I feel that vegetables are naForum ResponsesK Mohan13 Dec 2017
One can observe lots of difference between smile and laugh. While smile is the constant reaction to Forum ResponsesK Mohan13 Dec 2017
Really that incident shocked every citizen of India as it was the biggest conspiracy of Pakistan to Forum ResponsesK Mohan13 Dec 2017
Do you want your life to be smooth and peaceful or with twist and turns ?ForumK Mohan13 Dec 2017
Hyderabad is the walled city and new visitors wont like the congested lanes and small roads and veryForum ResponsesK Mohan13 Dec 2017
Out of four South Indian languages, Telugu has been given much respect and regard as even the KarnatForum ResponsesK Mohan13 Dec 2017
Immediately a call came from my home to rush back, that made me to cancel the trip on the way and thForum ResponsesK Mohan13 Dec 2017
I am not going to discuss about the spat between former PM Manmohan Singh and Present PM Modi, but aForum ResponsesK Mohan13 Dec 2017
When you are looking with the details of your cell phone and opposite person thought clicking ?ForumK Mohan13 Dec 2017
Well getting angered is the bad habit to every one. But some times when the things are not working tForum ResponsesK Mohan13 Dec 2017
Since I have started using the cell phone, and often keep on watching it for messages and other needForum ResponsesK Mohan13 Dec 2017

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