Effect of flowing water on the top-soil

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Materials Required:-
Two identical trays,Soil,mustard/green gram/paddy seeds,Water


(1) Take two identical traysand fill them with soil.Plant mustard/green gram/paddy in one of the trays and water both the trays regularly for a few days,till the first tray is covered by plant growth.Now,tilt both the trays and fix them in a position.Make sure that both the trays are tilted at the same angle.Pour equal amount of water gently on both the trays such that the water flows out of the trays,As shown in the figure.

(2)Study the amount of soil carried by the trays

(3)Now,pour equal amounts of water on both the trays from a height.Pour three or four times that you poured earlier.

(4)Again,study the amount of soil that is carried out of the trays now.


(1)The amount of soil which flows from the first tray is very very less than the amount of soil flowing in the second tray.


(1)The roots of the plants hold the soil firmly,preventing the soil from getting eroded.

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This is very interesting project to know the soil loss from top layer of surface. This is happen when the agricultural land is devoid of vegetation or plants. When there will be less vegetation, there will be more soil loss or in agricultural term ‘erosion’. This erosion is not good for land, that the eroded soils also contain the plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, micronutrients, etc. This has two serious concerns. One that is accumulated in the rivers or lake and this cause the environmental problem, which is called ‘eutrophication’. The second is loss of valuable plant nutrients which is applied by farmers or inherited in soils and very crucial for good plant growth.

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