About RCC framed structures and load bearing structures in building construction.............

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An RCC framed structure is basically an assembly of slabs,beams,columns and foundation inter-connected to each other as a unit.The load transfer,in such a structure takes place from the slabs to the beams,from the beams to the columns and then to the lower columns and finally to the foundation which in turn transfers it to the soil.

However,for a load bearing structure,the loads are directly transferred to the soil through the walls that are designed to specifically carry the loads.

Since brick is weak in compressive strength in comparison to 1:2:4 cement concrete,the width of load bearing walls for buildings having say more than four storeys becomes abnormally thick and for such cases framed structures are designed.

The floor area of a R.C.C framed structure building is 10 to 12 percent more than that of a load bearing walled building.Hence,there is actual economy in case of RCC framed structures especially where the cost of land is very high.

Also,in case of RCC framed structures,the inside planning of rooms,bathrooms,W.Cs etc. can be altered by changing the position of partition walls.Thus,there is greater flexibility in planning.

Monolithic construction is possible with R.C.C framed structures and they can resist vibrations,earthquakes and shocks more effectively than load bearing walled buildings.

Speed of construction for RCC framed structures is more rapid.

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