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1)Before the earthwork is started,the whole area where the work is to be done should be cleared of grass,roots of trees and unwanted debris.

2)Excavation should be carried out exactly in accordance with the dimensions shown on the drawings or any other dimension,as decided by the Site-in-Charge.

3)Sides of the trenches shall be vertical and it's bottom shall be perfectly levelled,both longitudinally and transversely.Where the soil is soft,loose or slushy,the trench shall be widened for allowing steps on either side or the sides sloped or shored up.

4)During excavation if rocks or rocky soils are found,they shall be levelled as far as possible and the small spaces which are difficult to level shall be filled in with concrete.

5)If the excavation is in earth,the bottom of the trenches shall be sprinkled with a little water and rammed.

6)No material excavated from the foundation trenches shall be placed nearer than one metre to the outer edges of the excavation.

7)Water in trenches must be bailed or pumped out and where it is apprehended that the sides may fall down or cave in,arrangement shall be made for adequate timber shoring.

8)When it is specified that the work is to be carried out without removing cables,pipes,sewers etc. all of them shall be temporarily shored and saved from any damage.

9)The cost of all materials and labour required for fencing/barricading in and protection against risk of accidents due to open excavation should be provided.

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