Generate electricity by rotation of vehical wheel.

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The generation of electric by the help of magnet and conductor is, on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

Wheel of vehicle ,let it be a two wheeler vehicle consist of Axle and Tyre. Fit the two piece of magnet to the axle such that they rotates with rotation of wheel.The one end of wires is place between the magnet , the other ends of wire is attached to the battery for its charging. When magnet rotates it generate a moving magnetic field .This field cuts the conducting wires and by the principle of electromagnetic induction electric is generated .

This is use to charge battery of vehicle.
Benefit :-
1. Vehicle run by battery ,charges at the time of its running.
2. Reduce the load on engine by reducing the charging the battery through it.
3. Clean method to charge the battery .

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if the wire is connected to the magnet,during the rotation will the wire also rotated?

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Really very interesting to hear about this technique. could you please elobrate it more including much explained details sothat i can use this technique in hydro power generation?
This will not only save the energy but a continuous method of generating power but it requires some aonstant maintenance.

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hi friend,

Could you tell how much voltage can be generate through this method. What kind of magnet should we you in this experiment.

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I am interested in generating schematics for this project but am new to this site and can't contact anyone here because my level is too low or whatever. Basically I came up with a similar idea and want to see if there has been anyone who has physically created a wheel like this. I am looking to develop something by Q4 2011. Let me know if anyone is interested and has any working prototypes of this or not. I need to understand how much is involved in putting this together, how much electricity is generated at say 25 MPH, 55 MPH, etc... I can be contacted at Thanks, Dan

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I need this project pls do mail me @ just loved the concept

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hi friend i am interested in this project. pls send me full project detail.i'm runnin out of time.gotta submit tis for my mini pls pls help me........pls send to my

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Dear Ajeet,
While the experiment is neatly explained, one very important thing has been missed by you. You wrote that the copper wire is passed between the magnet. But, in the real sense, this will not work. Instead of simple copper wire, you have to use an eloctromagnet. Electromagnet can be constructed just by winding insulated copper wires around a solonoid (which is generally made of soft iron).

Anotherpoint is that it would be better to use a LED (Light Emmiting Diode) instead of a rechargable battery because the electricity produced by it is in form of AC current with uncertain frequency and chrging of battery requires DC current.

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