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What is buoyant force?C.N.Anantharaman22 Mar 2009
Detailed explaination of the meaning of buoyant force and factors that affetct the buoyant force.

What does pressure depend on?C.N.Anantharaman22 Mar 2009
What is pressure,what are its effects & What factors it depends on?

Weight of an object in the moon is 1/6 of its weight on the earth C.N.Anantharaman22 Mar 2009
Derive by an equation that Weight of an object in the moon is 1/6 of its weight on the earth.

Derivation of Kinetic energyC.N.Anantharaman22 Mar 2009
Derivation of Kinetic energy

Derivation of Potential energyC.N.Anantharaman22 Mar 2009
Derive potential energy

Archimedes' PrincipleC.N.Anantharaman22 Mar 2009
Objective:- Buoyant force of an object in water.

Third law of motion.C.N.Anantharaman22 Mar 2009
Objective:-When one object exerts a force on another object,the second object instantaneously exerts a force back on the first.

Inertia of restC.N.Anantharaman22 Mar 2009
Objective:-To prove that the body at rest tends to remain at rest.

Properties of Electromagnetssakthi uma shankari21 Mar 2009
electromagnet possess many special properties

Uses of UltrasoundC.N.Anantharaman20 Mar 2009
Mentioning the uses of ultrasound:-

Prove that the sound can make a light spot dance.C.N.Anantharaman13 Mar 2009
Objective:-To prove that the sound can make a light spot dance.

Sound is a vibratory disturbanceC.N.Anantharaman13 Mar 2009
Objective:- To prove that the sound is a vibratory disturbance.

Why an Iron Nail sinks in water?C.N.Anantharaman12 Mar 2009
Objective:-To prove why an iron Nail sinks in water

Sound needs a medium to travelC.N.Anantharaman12 Mar 2009
To prove that the sound needs a medium to travel

How to do Recycling of the paperMOHAMMED ALMAS02 Mar 2009
We should always recycle the paper, as "RECYCLING IS VERY NECESSARY"

Recycling PaperSameer28 Feb 2009
Paper is made from wood, so it is much important to recycle it to save environment. We developed a technique to recycle paper without much complication.

Design of a Projectile system for Maximum RangeSameer28 Feb 2009
Just from Rubber, Thermocol and few pins I had to develop a Mechanism to launch a projectile that can travel a maximum range.

This is a project I did in 12th standard as a partial fulfillment of our Physics Continous Evaluation. The project aims at the construction of a night lamp which switch on automatically when darkness comes in the evening

Listening Bug & Current Detector.Manigandan M09 Feb 2009
Listening Bug is a simple device to detect any voice signals and give its digital information as square wave signals with a pulse modulated. Current Detector is also a simple device that was designed to give three information's *Is the ground open.? *Is the neutral open? *Reverse connected? *All Are Ok

Model to verify the value of ? ( Pie.)Seema RK28 Jan 2009
We know that Pie is an irrational number its value is approximately 3.14, 22/7 or 355/113. The great Indian mathematician Arabhatta was using ? = v10. But for the student of secondary level it is not quite easy to accept its value without any logic. In this article we are giving one method to verify that the value of ? is approximately 22/7 or 3.14.

Making a PeriscopeSeema Grover19 Dec 2008
A periscope is an opti corners and other abstractions. It consists of a long tube with a reflecting mirror or prism at each end. The reflection surfaces are parallel to one another. They are arranged at an angle of 45 degree inside the tube.Persicopes are important instruments used in submarines and tanks.They are also used by soldiers in the battlefield.

Converting heat from an IC engine into voltagemanikandan.n08 Oct 2008
An IC engine - photo voltaic cell- ceramic powder- converts heat into voltage

Simple AnemometerAditya Gupta06 Sep 2008
An anemometer is a device that is used to measure the speed of wind. This will give you and idea of how fast the wind is blowing. It will not give the exact measure. Class Level - I to IV

Demonstration about cycle of rainGogulnath.V29 Aug 2008
This project explain about the cycle of rain by using some simple house hold components.

Electricity from Lemonssarikonda thrinadh29 Jul 2008
Using copper or Zinc plates as electrodes and Lemon juice as electrolyte.

How to make a battery that works with air and saltwaterGiri27 Jul 2008
You can show everyone that electrical energy or electricity can be made from air and saltwater. After all, both the air and the saltwater are freely available everywhere. These are the two things that we have plenty of them.

Electronic Cricket GameRitesh Mourya02 Jul 2008
It is an electronic cricket game project for which i got second price in inter school competition when i was in class 11th.

PAY ROLL MANAGEMENT USING C++lalitha rajappa29 Jun 2008
This would help any organisation to manage its employees and their pay pockets.

Fathoming the UnfathomableTimmy M.John18 Jun 2008
Fathoming the Unfathomable

A Glimpse to Bernoullis PrincipleTimmy M.John18 Jun 2008
A Glimpse to Bernoullis Principle

Wonders of LightTimmy M.John18 Jun 2008
Wonders of Light

Fire AlarmTimmy M.John18 Jun 2008
Fire Alarm

Handfree Vegetable CutterTimmy M.John16 Jun 2008
Handfree Vegetable Cutter

WORKING OF MICROWAVE OVENramkumar ("sing,sing n sing")08 Jun 2008
how does a microwave oven cook food???!

What is Milky Way?lavanyarajasekar28 May 2008
More About Milky Way

Protecting Transformers using 8051 microcontrollersundeep27 May 2008
This project is mainly based upon Protecting the transformers using 8051 microcontroller. This a program written for the microcontroller to trip the transformer from overvoltages and undervoltages providing protection for the load based on transformers. This can be extended if desired.

SOLAR SYSTEMsobha wilson26 May 2008
study of the nine planets

Convert your Digital Camera to Infra Red Camerajspcodes24 May 2008
Place a old photographic film negative infront your recent digital camera. See on it will act as IR camera.

A SIMPLE CIRCUITsobha wilson24 May 2008
The flow of electrons around a complete circuit is called a current. The current must have somewhere to flow to. Electrons flow from the negative terminal. In this game circuit is only completed when the bare wire of the loop comes in contact with the bare wire that connects the bulb with the battery.

THUNDER AND LIGHTININGsobha wilson24 May 2008
The nature’s most spectacular display of static electricity is a flash of lightning. People of ancient civilizations believed that thunder and lightning indicated the anger of their gods. During a thunderstorm, raindrops and hailstones hurl up and down inside a thunderstorm producing charges of static electricity. Positive charges move to the top of the cloud, negative charges to the bottom. The earth is positively charged, so the negative charges in the clouds are attracted downwards. This is why lightning

COPPER PLATINGsobha wilson24 May 2008
This project is based on ELECTROLYSIS Electrolysis is a process in which an electric current is passed through a liquid,causing a chemical reaction to take place. The liquid used is called electrolyte.The electrolysis of metallic solutions is useful in putting metal coatings on objects. Michael Faraday discovered the first law of ELECTROLYSIS.

The main objective is to classify the students in order to predict their final grade Based on features extracted from logged data in an educational web based system. We can give the grades to students through data mining. In data mining we have multiple classifiers. A combination of multiple classifiers leads to a significant improvement in classification performance. We use genetic algorithm to optimize the prediction accuracy. We are going to apply Genetic programming

FingerprintsSRIMATHI25 Apr 2008
Fingerprints offer an infallible means of personal identification. That is the essential explanation for their having supplanted other methods of establishing the identities of criminals reluctant to admit previous arrests Many areas of scientific study involve the collection of large amounts of data. Such data must be organized in order to be useful The patterns of ridges on our finger pads are unique: no two individuals—even identical twins—have fingerprints that are exactly alike

credit management systemSRIMATHI25 Apr 2008
The main objective is to classify the students in order to predict their final grade Based on features extracted from logged data in an educational web based system. We can give the grades to students through data mining. In data mining we have multiple classifiers. A combination of multiple classifiers leads to a significant improvement in classification performance. We use genetic algorithm to optimize the prediction accuracy.

The project aims to build a complete framework for supply chain integration system, to develop and integrate supply chain database server, supply chain web application server and provide accessibility through a wireless device. The wireless supply chain integration system has four modules - consumer module, retailer module, manufacturer module and administrator module

I am very happy to say that our product would satisfy and fulfill all requirements for client of his activities; this module can now perform all its operations very efficiently. The developed system provides following facilities ? Reduce time, costs and duplication of information and effort ? Provide overall strategy ,directions and connection between establishing an agreed minimal level of compliance required in all current systems; ? Provide integration with central administrative and

Using a Digital Camera to Measure Skyglowsharathsathisan21 Apr 2008
The goal of this project is to measure skyglow (also known as light pollution) in the nighttime sky using a digital camera.

How to Make a Guitar Singsharathsathisan20 Apr 2008
The goal of this project is to determine which musical intervals are most effective at producing sympathetic vibrations on open guitar strings when another string is picked (plucked).

Frequency-Dependent Sound Absorptionsharathsathisan20 Apr 2008
The objective of this project is to determine if sound absorption by acoustic foam and similar materials changes with the frequency of sound.

Measuring the Speed of 'Light' with a Microwave Ovensharathsathisan20 Apr 2008
he goal of this project is to measure the speed of electromagnetic waves in the microwave portion of the spectrum by measuring the spacing between hot spots in a microwave oven.

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