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T C A using in Alumina industriesRavindra Dubey07 Sep 2010
To supplement the efforts being made to develop the SOP for making precoat batches, I have finally found some important information in my database. I am also sharing some information on lime chemistry so that the operating crew can develop a comprehensive understanding on the importance of the key control parameters.

Isolation Of Eugenol From Clove OilAsha Kurian21 Jun 2010
The main component of clove oil is eugenol.It can be isolated from clove oil by taking advantage of its solubility in dilute alkali. On shakling with dilute alkali, eugenol forms the sodium salt & goes into the solution. On acidfying the aqueous alkaline solution , free eugenol is precipitated.

Estimation of copper in copper sulphate solution using photoelectric colorimeterPrabha Kishore17 Jun 2010
Simple method for the determination of copper ions present in copper sulphate solution using photoelectric colorimeter.

Flame test and electronic excitation Prabha Kishore17 Jun 2010
Flame test is one of the confirmatory test for some metal ions.Metal ions like Sodium, Potassium and Barium can be easily confirmed just by performing simple flame test. One just need Bunsen flame, watch glass, metallic wire, acids, salts and distilled water to carry out the flame test.

The Fiber That Does Not Get Cut Even When BurntRohit Chikkaraddy29 Jan 2010
Change in the chemical properties of the fiber, changes the physical properties of the fiber also. This has great implementation in various fields. Here is one more interesting way to change the property of the fiber and which has lot of application in various fields.

Determination Of Specific Gravity Of Clove OilAsha Kurian15 Jan 2010
Specific gravity of oil is the ratio of mass of oil or fat relative to that of an equal volume of water. Here the requirements are Specific gravity bottle, Electronic balance,Distilled water,Clove Oil,Air oven.

To prepare true solutions of common salt, sugar and alum separately in water.Simon George29 Dec 2009
To prepare true solutions of common salt, sugar and alum separately in water.

Estimation of Cu in Brass -Iodometric methodPrabha Kishore12 Nov 2009
To estimate percentage of copper in the given sample of brass , using a standard sodium thiosulphate solution.

Estimatntion of Copper present in the given Copper sulphate solution using colorimeterPrabha Kishore12 Nov 2009
To estimate the mass of copper present in the given test solution using colorimeter.

Estimation of Sodium using Flame photometerPrabha Kishore10 Nov 2009
sodium, potassium, calcium and lithium and other common elements impart characteristic colours with the bunsen flame. the intensity of the coloured flame varies with the amount of element introduced. this forms the basis of flame photometry. When a solution containing a compound of the metal to be investigated is aspirated into a flame, the following processes occur. i) Solvent evaporates leaving behind a solid residue. ii) Vapourisation of the solid coupled with dissociation into its constit

Chemical Tests for WaterMadhusmita 16 Sep 2009
The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has set some limits for the presence of chemicals in drinking water. To check the amount of different chemicals in water, some tests are done.

How to Shine your silver articles using chemicalsmadhu17 Aug 2009
Try this simple experiment to clean your silver articles

Chemical garden for your showcase madhu17 Aug 2009
This chemical garden is a beautiful experiment which can be kept in your showcase too. No heavy maintenance.

Rutherford's alpha scattering experimentC.N.Anantharaman20 Mar 2009
Rutherford's alpha scattering experiment.

Drawbacks of Rutherford's model of an atomC.N.Anantharaman20 Mar 2009
Drawbacks of Rutherford's model of an atom.

Compressibility of solid,liquid and gasesC.N.Anantharaman20 Mar 2009
Objective:- To check which one of the matter(i.e.)Solids,liquids and gases is easier to compress

Process of crystallisationC.N.Anantharaman17 Mar 2009
Process of Crystallization

Melting point of ice and boiling point of waterC.N.Anantharaman16 Mar 2009
Aim: To determine the melting point of ice and the boiling point of water.

Seperation of ammonium chlorideC.N.Anantharaman14 Mar 2009
objective: Seperation of ammonium chloride from the mixture of salt and sand.

Process of Obtaining Liquid Oxygen from AirC.N.Anantharaman13 Mar 2009
Process of seperating liquid oxygen from Air.

Heating of Lead Nitrate C.N.Anantharaman12 Mar 2009
Objective:-To carry out the following experiments and record the observations (1)Heating of Lead Nitrate

Burning of Magnesium in AirC.N.Anantharaman12 Mar 2009
Objective:-to Carry out the following experiment and record the observations:- (1)Burning Of Mgo In Air

SteelRoopak08 Mar 2009
The is basically on steel showing various old and new techniques for making steel and how various impurities are added to make it strong for use giving in a Brief Overview Of Steel Production And Properties

DENTAL PRODUCTSSaraswathi28 Dec 2008
Dental hygiene has been considered as important since long. In order to maintain dental hygiene, numerous dental products are available in market. Many chemicals find use in their preparation as well as in dentistry. Although it is well known that clean teeth keeps good health and clean teeth cannot decay, it is not possible to clean the teeth continuously all the years. Numerous factors contribute to dental decay and the problem of oral hygiene arises.

Analyzing a sample of stainless steelSwati22 Oct 2008
Stainless steel is an alloy steel containing upto 18% of chromium and nickel. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion. It is used for making utensils and surgical instruments, etc. In this experiment we are trying to find the components of the stainless steel.

preparation of para red dyejyoti02 Aug 2008
Here is an experiment showing the preparation of Para red dye which is a chemical dye used in printing.It is used to dye cellulose fabrics a brilliant red.

Mini Welding ProjectKailash28 Jun 2008
Welding device that is made of usual things available in home. This device produce a high temperature of heat with heavy pressure which is used to weld or melt light metals.

pH of the salt solutionsS.Neyha29 May 2008
pH is the negative logarithm of hydronium ion .It is only based on the value of pH we come to the conclusion whether the given sample is basic , acidic, or neutral.Values from 1 to 6 are basic ,7 is neutal ,8 to 14 is basic

WATER ANALYSIS:sasi kala28 May 2008
Determination of permanent hardness CHEMICALS REQUIRED: i) N/50 sodium carbonate ii) N/50 hydrochloric acid iii) Methyl orange indicator

PREPARATION OF RAYON sobha wilson26 May 2008

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