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2011 Tamil Nadu State Computer science XII (1 mark questions- volume 1) Question paper

Course: Plus II   University/board: Tamil Nadu State

computer science XII std - 1 Mark questions in volume 1

1. What is the default name given while saving a document in star office writer?
a) Untitled1 b) untitled c) document1 d) text
2. Which key combination is used to select the entire document in SO writer?
a) Ctrl + a b) ctrl + s c) alt + a d) alt + e
3. Which key is used to open the spell check dialog box?
a) F1 b) F2 c) F5 d) F7
4. How will you make all columns even in a table in SO writer?
a) Column->space equally b) space equally->column c) column->width equally d) width equally->column
5. How many types of page orientation are there in SO writer?
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
6. Which of the following is true to insert a page number in a document?
a) Insert->fields->page numbers b) format->fields->page numbers c) view->fields->page numbers d) tools->fields->page numbers
7. Which one of the following formula to add the number in cell A3 with the number in cell A4?
a) Sum(a3+a4) b) =sum(a3:a4) c) sum(a3:a4) d) =add(a3:a4)
8. Which one of the following is the text operator in SO calc?
a) : b) ! c) & d) ^
9. In SO calc which special character is used for absolute cell referencing?
a) * b) = c) & d) $
10. The operator ^(caret) is used for
a) Division b) multiplication c) exponentiation d) square root
11. How will you delete the contents of a selected cell or range?
a) Edit->delete contents b) edit->erase all c) edit->remove all d) edit->remove contents
12. Which key is used to edit the contents in a cell?
a) F1 b) F2 c) F5 d) F7
13. Which icon is used to insert a formula in a worksheet?
a) Insert formula b) add formula c) create formula d) edit formula
14. The word to be used as replacement for the word search is given in the _____ text box
a) Replacement b) search for c) replace with d) suggestion
15. The insertion point indicates where the __________
a) New text will appear b)task bar will appear c)tool bar will appear d)text area will appear
16. The entire table is selected using the menu _______
a) Edit b) file c) insert d) format
17. The border is dragged to the right to widen the ______ size
a) Column b) row c) both a and b d) none of these
18. The default left and right margins are _____ in SO writer
a) 1 inch b) 1.5 inches c) 1.25 inches d) 2 inches
19. The required style can be selected from the list of styles for numbering displayed in the
a) Paper layout drop down list box b) page source drop down list box c) paper format drop down list box d) numbering combo box
20. If the data entered in a workspace is a number the program recognizes it as a
a) Text b) number c) label d) integer
21. Data means
a) Fact b) information c) set of variables d) reference
22. To select a row click
a) The first cell of a row b) row number c) column name d) last cell of the row
23. ______ will periodically save when the application is working on
a) Auto save b) save c) save as d) none of the above
24. If ____ key is pressed only the entries in the table are deleted and not the table
a) Tab b) shift + tab c) delete d) home
25. In the __ text box the name of the table is given
a) Columns b) rows c) name d) size
26. If the length of the document is larger than the width, then such an orientation is
a) Portrait b) document orientation c) header d) landscape
27. Which option is to be selected to print only the selected part in a worksheet?
a) Print range->select b) print range->particular c) print range->selection d) print range-> worksheet
28. Which icon is to be clicked to shift the content of a cell to the right and create an empty cell?
a) Insert cells left b) insert cells right c) insert cells down d) insert cells up
29. To generate a series we select ____
a) Edit-> file-> down b) edit-> fill up c) edit-> fill-> series d) edit-> fill
30. The options to make the text bold, italic or underline, text is available in __
a) Print list box b) style list box c) properties dialog box d) taskbar
31. Alignment changes are more appropriate for ___ in the document.
a) Headings and special paragraphs b) heading and new lines c) paragraphs only d) none of these
32. The ___ icon is the insert table icon in the floating toolbar for insertion function.
a) First b) second c) third d) fourth
33. ___ icon provides to generate a scrolling screen within a worksheet
a) OLE object b) plug-in c) floating frame d) none of these
34. Which facility of star office calc helps to format the worksheet with different predefined styles and colours?
a) Auto format b) auto correct c) format d) auto styles/ auto colours
35. Below the formula bar lies ___
a) Row headings of the worksheet b) column headings of the worksheet c) data area d) menu bar
36. The ___ can be turned ON or OFF
a) Auto spell check b) spelling check c) auto correct d) auto correct
37. If the word is not in the dictionary the word will be underlined by ___ colour.
a) Green b) blue c) red d) yellow
38. The number of icons present in the table formatting toolbar is ____
a) 12 b) 13 c) 11 d) 14
39. If the user knows the exact value for the margins, then the ___ dialog box can be used
a) Paragraph b) page format c) page style d) page
40. ___ icon is used to import applets
a) Insert plug-in b) insert applet on c) insert chart d) insert object
41. To select a function go to ___
a) Insert menu b) categories pull down menu c) format menu d) file menu
42. After the new text is inserted, the existing text would move to the ____
a) Right b) left c) center d) down
43. Star office is a product of ___
a) Microsoft b) oracle c) Sun Microsystems d) IBM
44. Maximum size of a font is
a) 75 b) 85 c) 102 d) 72
45. VISICALC contains ___ columns and ____ rows
a) 63, 255 b) 64, 254 c) 63, 254 d) 72, 256
46. The number format currency icon displays content with ___ decimal digits
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
47. ___ features of star office calc is very useful to copy the contents of a cell or to create a series
a) Range fill b) series fill c) automatic fill d) column fill
48. ____ icon is used to import data from different file ULR into a worksheet
a) Plug-in b) applet c) OLE object d) image
49. Ruler option is used to change ____
a) Lines b) rulers c) margins d) columns
50. Who invented VISICALC for Apple II?
a) Dan bricklin b) bob Frankston c) Dan bricklin & bob Frankston d) Charles Babbage
51. ____ icon displays the contents of the selected cell in the default format
a) $ b) % c) 100% d) $%

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