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2011 University of Calicut B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering Third semester Electronic Circuits University Question paper

Course: B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering   University/board: University of Calicut

Are you on a look out for old question papers of Calicut University? Hereunder attached is an original question paper for Third semester Electronic Circuits for which Calicut University conducted a semester ending exam in 2011. You can download the original question paper of Third semester Electronic Circuits to prepare for the exam conducted by Calicut University.

Third Semester Examination


Answer all questions 5*2=10 marks

1.Write any 4 characteristics of LED.
2.What is duty cycle?
3.State the applications of comparator.
4.What is a flip-flop?
5.What are volatile and non-volatile memories?

Answer any 4 4*5=20 marks

6.Draw a equivalent circuit of PIN diode and explain it.
7.What is vericap?Explain with a neat sketch.
8.Explain the advantages of Digital Switching.
9.Differentiate VLSI from ULSI.
10.Explain the features of MOS flip-flop.
11.Explain the significance of timing circuits in ADC.

Answer section a or b

a)Explain the construction and V-I characteristics of Tunnel diode with a neat energy band diagram.
b)Explain the following with neat diagrams.
1)schmitt trigger
2)step recovery diodes

a)Explain the dual gate D-MOSFETs with neat diagrams
b)Explain the principles of waveform conversion and waveform generation using op-amps with neat sketches.

a)Draw a neat circuit diagram of CMOS NAND gate.Explain is principle of operation.
b)Explain in detail the concepts of MSI,LSI,VLSI with neat sketches.
a)Explain in detail
2)Memory expansion
b)Explain the principle of operation of single slope and dual slope ADC with neat diagrams in detail.

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