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2011 University of Calicut B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering Fourth semester CS09 405 Microprocessor Based Design University Question paper

Course: B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering   University/board: University of Calicut

Calicut University students studying a B. Tech Computer Science and Engineering and going to sit for Fourth semester CS09 405 Microprocessor Based Design exam must have a good look at previous year question papers. Going through old question papers for Fourth semester CS09 405 Microprocessor Based Design of Bharathiar University will give you an idea about the question paper pattern.


Time:3 hours Maximum:70 marks

(answer all questions 5*2=10 marks)

1.What is a LAN?
2.What is the function of operating system?
3.Differentiate b/w Real mode and Protected mode of operation of 8086.
4.what is the role played by cache memory in pentium processor?
5.Differentiate b/w Hardware and Software interrupt.

(Answer any 4, 4*5=20 marks)

1.Bring about the hardware specification of 8086?
2.What are the types of address decoding ?Explain.
3.Design a square wave generator of 1 kHz using timer 8254.
4.Give the initialization sequence of 8259.
5.Program the VART to transmit 7 bits/character at 2400 bands.
6. Write a program to find how many times a pattern 02 is present in a given array of 10 numbers.

(Answer any one,4*10=40 marks )

1.Discuss briefly about the memory and I/O organisation of a PC system.
2.Discuss about serial interface and graphic adapter of a PC system.

3.Write a program to arrange N numbers in descending order.
4.Write a program to separate out odd and even numbers in a given array of N numbers and display their count.

5.Explain the memory decoding circuit of 80486.
6.Explain the working of VART.

7.Describe the operation of 8279.
8.Explain the working of EISA Bus.

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