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2012 Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education Diploma Computer Technology MSBTE paper of "Software Engineering" for 5th Semester(2012)(E-scheme) University Question paper

Course: Diploma Computer Technology   University/board: Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education

This question paper helps to you for practice of software engineering before the exam. This is the sample paper for software Engineering. By this you can guess what kind of questions can come.

Scheme – E
Sample Question Paper
Course Name : Diploma in Computer Engineering
Course Code : CO/CM/CD
Semester : Fifth
Subject Title : Software Engineering
Marks : 100 Time : 3 Hrs.

1. All questions are compulsory.
2. Illustrate your answers with neat sketches wherever necessary.
3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
4. Assume suitable data if necessary.
5. Preferably, write the answers in sequential order.

Q.1 [A] Attempt any THREE: [12 Marks]
a) Define the following :
i) Software Product
ii) Software Engineering

b) State four characteristics of Software Testing strategies.
c) State 4 basic principles for Project Scheduling.
d) Define SQA & list its three Quality aspects.

Q.1 [B] Attempt any ONE: [06 Marks]
a) State 6 Core Principles of Software engineering & give their specific meaning.
b) State the principles for coding software.

Q.2 Attempt any FOUR: [16 Marks]
a) What is DFD? State the notations used for creating a DFD.
b) Differentiate between Software Verification & Software Validation.
c) Explain the DMAIC method in Six Sigma Strategy.
d) State the significance of PSP in Ongoing Software Process Improvement.
e) Explain the necessity of Software Domain Analysis.
f) Explain top-down approach used in Integration Testing.

Q.3 Attempt any FOUR: [16 Marks]
a) Define software risk. Explain in brief the types of software risks.
b) Describe debugging Strategies.
c) Define Software Reliability & Software Availability.
d) Explain the features of SCM.
e) What is COCOMO-II model? Give three applications.

Q.4 [A] Attempt any THREE: [12 Marks]
a) Explain four McCalls Quality Factors with respect to software product operation.
b) What is black-box testing?
c) Explain the concept of "functional independence" used in software design.
d) Explain the types of System Testing.

Q.4 [B] Attempt any ONE: [06 Marks]
a) Explain the layered approach used in Software Engineering.
b) Explain the Waterfall Model. State four problems associated with it.

Q.5 Attempt any TWO: [16 Marks]
a) Explain the tasks involved in Requirements Engineering.
b) What is RMMM Strategy? Explain the issues involved in it.
c) Explain the framework activities involved in the software development process.

Q.6 Attempt any FOUR: [16 Marks]
a) State four differences between alpha & beta testing.
b) State four characteristics of Software.
c) How is the cleanroom approach different from the conventional approach to Software
d) Explain four approaches to handle the Software sizing problem.
e) Which aspects of a software program are tested during Unit Testing?

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