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2011 Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya(Technical University) B.E Electronics & Communication Engineering Network analysis ec-305 dec 2011 Question paper

Course: B.E Electronics & Communication Engineering   University/board: Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya(Technical University)

Students doing B.E Electronics & Communication Engineering from Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (Technical University) can find the question paper of "Network analysis" attached here under. This previous years question paper of "EC-305 Network Analysis" for the year Dec 2011 can be downloaded for free. This original question paper of "EC-305 Network Analysis" can help you in your preparations for your upcoming exam this Dec.

B.E.(third SEM) PUT EXAMINATION, Jan., 2011
(ec: 305)
Time: Three Hours
Maximum Marks: 100
Minimum Pass Marks: 35
Note: Attempt five questions in all selecting one question from each unit. All questions carry equal marks.
1.define the following terms in context of network graphs,vertex,edge,directed graph,degree of vertex,path connected path,circuit,tree,branch,cord,co-tree,cutest,f-circuit and f-cutset.
Determine the power supplied by each source in the circuit in fig. using network topology.


2.Show that in an a.c. circuit maximum power is transferred to a load whose impedance is equal to the conjugate of the thevenins impedance of the circuit as seen across the load terminals .if the load consist of only aresistance and no reactance .what should be the magnitude of the resistance for maximum power transferred to it? Determine.
Employ superposition theorem to determine the voltage across the 17 k ohm resistor in the figure shown below.if the maximum power rating of the resister is 250 mw.what is the maximum positive voltage to which the 5v source can be increased before the resistor overheats.

3.Find Vc(0-) and Vc(0+) for the circuit shown below .Obtain the equation for for Vc(t) for t>0.solve for Vc(t) using laplace transforms.

The transfer function of an LTI system having an input i(t) and an output V(t) is given by :

Determine (a)forced response (b)complete response i(t) of the system if V(t) is equal to (1)u(t) (2)20u(t)(3)10e-6t
4. Show that the total area under the curve of the response of high pass RC circuit is due to a pulse input is zero.
Show that the square wave response of a high pass rc circuit contains no dc component at steady state irrespective of the amount of dc present in the input.
5. Determine the relationship between (i) Y- parameter and h-parameters. (ii) Z-parameter and t-parameters
A typical 2-port network is characterized by the equation 2V1 + 4I2 = I1 and v2 + 6V1 = 8I2 Determine Y11,Z11 and h21.


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