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2012 Amity University Politics M.B.A Human Resource Management Accounting for Management Question paper

Course: M.B.A Human Resource Management   University/board: Amity University

Are you looking for the old question papers of Amity University MBA Human Resource ?Here is the question paper of recently held November 2012 first semester Accounting for Management end term examination for MBA Human Resource curriculum umnder Amity University.There are three sections: Section-A of 30 marks, Section-B of 20 marks,Section-C again of 20 marks total comprising 70 marks. The other 30 marks are based on internal or class evaluation.

Amity Business School MBA Accounting for Management Question Paper

Time: 3 Hrs. Maximum Marks: 70
Note: Attempt questions from all sections as directed.

SECTION-A (30 Marks)
Attempt any 5 questions.
Each question carries 6 marks.

1. According to principles of Double Entry system, every debit has a corresponding credit. Explain what this statement means with examples. Is it necessary that all accounts have to balance?

2. Balance as shown by the bank pass book should tally with the balance as shown by cash book of business. Do you agree? If not, explain reasons with suitable examples of differences between the two.
Each of the following would generally be thought of as a favorable indicator of the firms financial position:
a) A current ratio well above 2 which is substantially higher than for other firms.
b) Collection period lower than for several recent periods.
c) Rapidly rising merchandise inventory turnover.
In each case, give an example of circumstances underlying the ratio that might represent an unfavorable development.

3. Hunts Travel Ltd. purchased a machine for 160000 rupees on 1-1-98. Depreciation is @10% per annum on diminishing value method. This machine was sold on 30-6-2000 for 90000 rupees and a new machine was purchased on 1-7-2000 for 150000 rupees. Prepare ledger accounts for machine, depreciation, provision for depreciation, sale of machine, profit & loss account and balance sheet as at 31-12-2000.

4. In the long run, is it more important for a business to have positive cash flows from its operating activities, investing or financing activities? Why? Give 2 examples of cash receipts and 2 examples of cash payments that fit in to each of following classifications:
Operating activities, investing activities & financing activities

5. Assume you have inherited large sum of money and are looking for a company to invest. You obtained balance sheets, income statements and statements of cash flows for companies of interest to you. What will be primary objective in choosing a company to invest? What key items or relationships in each financial statement you will look for?

6. You are plant manager. You have implemented a bonus system for your managers that provide 15% bonus for favorable variances. What are potential benefits, costs, ethical concern of such bonus system?
Why depreciation needs to be provided on fixed assets and what are usual methods of providing depreciation?

SECTION-B (20 Marks)
Attempt any 2 questions.
Each question carries 10 marks.

7. The following data is adapted from a recent annual report of Black town RSL. Amounts are in millions of dollars:
Balance Sheet Data 2002 & 2001
Quick assets - 1304.7& 815.2
Current assets - 5166.5& 4393.9
Stockholders equity- 6230.2 &5207.2
Total assets - 9878.8 &8833.8
Income Statement Data
Net sales - 28681.1& 24623
Gross Profit - 7605 & 6574.1
Operating Income - 1624.2 &1398.3
Net Income - 1019.2 &885.6
a) Compute the following for 2002 and 2001
I) Working capital
II) Current ratio
III) Quick assets ratio
IV) Gross profit ratio
V) Net Income ratio
VI) Operating expenses ratio
b) Comment on trends in liquidity measures and state why RSL appears to be able to satisfy its liabilities at end of 2002?
c) What is purpose of computing quick asset ratio? Comment on operating results of firm.

8. Costs may be classified in variety of ways according to nature and information needs of management. Explain & discuss these giving examples of classification.
XYZ Industries has 3 sources of capital-equity shares, preference shares and straight debt costing 18%, 15% and 17% respectively.
Proportion of kinds of capital as reflected in balance sheet is below:
Capital -Book value & Market value
Equity - 50% & 70%
Preference- 20% & 15%
Debt - 30% & 15%
Find out WACC based on a) book values b) market values
XYZ Industries wishes to raise the capital with an equity, preference and debt at 15%, 35% & 50%. What would be the cost for expansion?

9. Tomatoes Ltd. is a snack company. Its details:
Selling price per unit- 100 rupees
Contribution margin based on sales- 60%
Fixed costs for the year-240000 rupees
a) Variable cost per unit and contribution margin per year.
b) Breakeven point in units & rupees
c) Profit/loss when 5000 units or 20000units were produced
d) If S.P. per unit is increased by 20% and variable costs reduced by 15%, fixed costs increased by 12% compute break-even point units & rupees.
a) Is it necessary to charge depreciation when market value of building is expected to exceed cost of acquisition?
b) Milan Saree Centre has 4 assets:
Asset Date of purchase Cost Residual value Useful life Depreciation method
Van -1.1.2008 - 40000 - 5000 - 40000 km - Production units
Counters -1.8.2007 - 25000 - 2000 - 8 years - Sum of years digit
Name board -1.4.2006 - 60000 -300 - 5 years -Written down value method
Cash box -1.12.2006 - 2000 -400 - 10 years - Straight line
The van logged 10000 km in the year ended June 30, 2008.
I) Compute depreciation expense for period ended June 30 in 2006, 2007, and 2008.
II) How these assets would appear on June 30 each year?

SECTION-C (20 Marks)

10. Balance sheet as on 31-12-85:
Furniture -640
Motor vehicle -6250
Buildings - 7500
Capital - 12500
Bad debts -125
Commission received - 575
Stock opening -3460
Bank overdraft - 2850
Salaries - 3300
a) Closing stock was 4000 rupees
b) Insurance prepaid is 870 rupees
Prepare trading account, P&L account and balance sheet.

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