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2011 Amity University Politics M.B.A Human Resource Management Organizational Behavior Question paper

Course: M.B.A Human Resource Management   University/board: Amity University

Are you looking for the old question papers of Amity University MBA Human Resource ?Here is the question paper of last year November 2011 first semester Organizational Behavior end term examination for MBA Human Resource curriculum umnder Amity University.There are three sections: Section-A of 30 marks, Section-B of 20 marks,Section-C again of 20 marks total comprising 70 marks. The other 30 marks are based on internal or class evaluation.

Amity Business School MBA Organizational Behavior Question Paper

Time: 3 Hrs. Maximum Marks: 70
Note: Attempt questions from all sections as directed.

SECTION-A (30 Marks)
Attempt any 5 questions.
Each question carries 6 marks.

1. Behavior is function of person & environment. Describe the importance of two factors.
2. According to Mc Clellands theory of needs, the primary motive is the need to succeed in competitive situations. Do you agree?
3. Change for sake of change is no change at all. Comment.
4. How does strong culture affect organizations efforts to improve diversity?
5. Discuss strategies used in resolving conflict.
6. How can managers make more accurate attributions?

SECTION-B (20 Marks)
Attempt any 2 questions.
Each question carries 10 marks.

7. Discuss the trait theories in context of nature versus nurture.
8. How does selectivity affect perception?
9. In order to motivate a workforce who is under performing, explain how you would go about applying any 2 motivation theories.

SECTION-C (20 Marks)

10. Read the case and answer questions:
Kent Sikes is a junior at State University. After two weeks on the job, he realized how less work people did. When Kent complained to his coworkers, they made it very plain that if he did not like it, he could quit but if he complained to the supervisor, he would be sorry. Although Kent has been deliberately excluded from any of the crews activities, yesterday he went up to one of the older members of the crew and said," I am just trying to do my job. The money is good and I just dont give a hang about this place. I will be leaving to go back to school in few weeks and I wish I could have gotten to know you all better but frankly I am sure glad I am not like you guys". The older worker replied, "Son, if youd been here as long as I have, you would be just like us."

I) Using some theories, explain possible reasons for group formation. What types of groups exist here?
II) What are the major informal roles of crew members & Kent?

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