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2012 B.E Computer Science and Engineering Anna university chennai 2012 NOV/DEC question papers of (Regulation 2008) for B.E CSE Question paper

Course: B.E Computer Science and Engineering   University/board: Anna University Chennai

Are you in need of 2012 NOV/DEC Anna university question paper? Here i posted the previous year question paper for Computer Science and Engineering students for Software Engineering subject. you can read it and Download.

Fifth Semester
Computer Science and Engineering
(Regulation 2008)

Time : 3 hours Maximum : 100 marks

Answer ALL questions

PART A-(10*2=20 marks)
1. What is the difference between errors and faults?

2. How a software process can be characterized?

3. What is slack time?

4. Highlight the key benefit of Risk management in software engineering?

5. List the characteristics of good conceptual design.

6. What is persistence associated with OO sytems?

7. Mention the difference between producer reuse and consumer reuse.

8. What do you mean by fault identification?

9. What is software reliability?

10. What is regression testing?

PART B-(5*16=80 marks)

11. (a) Discuss in detail the waterfall model for software process. What are the benefits and drawbacks of using this model?
(b) Explain in detail the static and dynamic process modelling techniques.

12. (a) (i) Write a note on COCOMO model for cost estimation. (8 marks)

(ii) Briefly explain the steps involved in risk management. (8 marks)

(b) (i) Briefly explain the characteristics of requirements. (8 marks)

(ii) Draw and explain the data flow diagram for physician visit. Neatly
state your assumptions. (8 marks)

13. (a) Explain the how the characteristics of good design contribute to the product

(b) Whether any system can be developed using object –oriented approach?
what are the strengths and weaknesses of OO? Give an example of a system
where OO would not be an appropriate development strategy.

14. (a) Discuss in detail the Internal and External documentation?
How can control flow be for an object –oriented program?


(b) Briefly explain the following :
(i) Bottom-up integration (4 marks)

(ii) Top-down integration (4 marks)

(iii) Big-bang integration (4 marks)
(iv) Sandwich integration (4 marks)

15. (a) What are the types of Acceptance Tests? Explain. How will you document
the test?


(b) Write a note on the following :
(i) Automated Maintenance Tools (8 marks)

(ii) Software Rejuvenation (8 marks)

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