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2011 Visha Bharati University General B.A B.A Common Admission Test, Paper-II Indian Languages including English, 2011 Question paper

Course: B.A   University/board: Visha Bharati University

Previous years question papers of Visva Bharati Common Admission Test (VBCAT) for B.A. Indian Languages including English should be carefully gone through for getting an idea of type of questions asked in the exam. Find appended in full the complete and original question paper for Paper- II (Indian Languages including English) of Common Admission Test for admission to Visva Bharati Shantinikethan.

B.A. (Hons.) (Course code- 11)
Paper- II (Indian Languages including English)
Fill in the bubble against the correct Answer in the OMR sheet
Time- 90 Minutes Full Marks- 100 ( 30+70)
( 2 marks for a correct answer and -0.5 mark for a wrong answer)
Answer all Questions
1. Mother Terasa was a
a. Preacher b. Social Worker c. Teacher d. Patriot
2. On January 12,1980 was Saturday , on January 12, 1979 was
a. Saturday b. Friday c. Sunday d. Thursday
3. Find out the missing number in the following series, 7,23,71,............647
a. 89 b. 146 c. 215 d. 426
4. The first General election in India under the constitution was held in
a.1950 b.1952 c.1949 d.1947
5. The First Indian women to become a grand master in Chess is
a. P.T.Usha b. Sania Mirja c. Kiren Bedi d. Vijay Laxmi
6. Purnakumbha Mela comes off with a frequency of
a. 12years b. 6 years c. 4years d. 24years
7. The 11th ICC World Cup is scheduled to be hosted by 2015
a. Zimbabwe/Kenia b. Netherland/Ireland c. Astralia/Newzeland
d. India/Bangladesh
8. Find odd item out
a. Ink b. Pen c. School d. Pencil
9. International Womens day is celebrated on
a. March 15 b. March 2 c. March 18 d. March 8
10. ECG is used for the diagnosis of ailments of
a. Brain b.Heart c. Kidneys d. Lungs
11. Rabindranath Tagore denounced the Knighthood in 1919 as a protest against the
a. Racial violence between the Hindus and the Muslims
b. Jallianwalla Bag Massacre
c. The British refusing to grant independence to India d. Indo-Pak separation
12. Which Country is the largest producer of coffee?
a. China b. India c. Mexico d. Brazil
13. The Minimum age required to become Prime Minister of India is
a. 25 years b. 35 years c. 40 years d. 45 years
14. Which of the following is a storage device?
a. Monitor b. Motherboard c.CPU d. Hard-disc
15. Who wrote Sare Jahan Se Achchha?
a. Mahamad Iqbal b. Munshi Premchand c. Iqbal Allama d. Sadat Hasan Manto
Answer 35 (Thirty five) Questions from this section
16. Spot the correct spelling:
a. pneumatic b. pneumatic c. neumatic d. pneumatic
17. T.S.Eliot was a
a. poet b. dramatist c. essayist d. all of the above
18. The Bolshevik Revolution took place in
a. Russia b. Bolivia c. Yugoslavia d. England
19. Jawaharlal Nehru is the author of
a. Discovery of India b. Autobiography of an Unknown Indian
a. My Experiments with Truth d. Midnights Children
20. Macbeth is a
a. Tragedy b.Comedy c. Tragicomedy d. Farce
21. A pun involves
a. A sentence of exceptional beauty
b. Words with similar sound but different meanings
c.Words that rhyme with one another
d. A line of grave significance
22. A Passage to England is written by
a. E.M.Foster b. Nirad C.Chaudhuri c. Rabindranath Tagore d.Jawaharlal Nehru
23. Omkara is
a. A play by Girish Karnad b. A Film inspired by Othelo c. A religious poem by Sri
Aurovindo d.None of the above
24. Robinson Crusoe is by
a. Daniel Defoe b. Jonathan Swift c. Alexandar Pope d. Raskin Bond
25. The train arrived ............ time
a.With b. At c. In d. On
26. I will go home and .......... on Monday
b. return back b. return to c. return with d. none of the above
27. Spot the correct statement
a. The next chapter comprises of three parts
b. The next chapter comprises three parts
c. The next chapter comprises within three parts
d. The next chapter comprises by three parts
28. The English translation of Nildarpan was published by
a. Madhusudan Dutt b. Rev. Long c. Vidyasagar d. Ardhendu Sekhar Mustafi
29. Who wrote Nilanguriya?
a. Bibhutibhusan Bandyopadhyay
b. Bibhutibhusan Mukhopadhyay
c. Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay
d. Manik Bandyopadhyay
30. Bhrantibilas is a trans-creation of Shakespeares
a. Tempest b. Comedy of Errors c. Macbeth d. King Lear
31. Padatik was written by
a. Sukanta Bhattacharya b. Subhas Mukhopadhyay c. Bishnu Dey d. Premendra
32 Nidhubabu was famous for
a. Tappa b. Kheur c. Akhrai d. Panchali
33. The Author of Pratham Pratisruti is
a. Ashalata Debi b. Bani Basu c. Ashapurna Debi d. Mahasweta Debi
34. Which of the following words is ardha-tatsama?
a. Kesta b. Krishna c. Kanu d. None of these
35. Mahabharata was translated (abridge) into Bengali prose by
a. Kashiram Das b. Rajsekhar Basu c. Rashbehari Basu d. Akshaykumar Dutta
36 The last novel of Rabindranath Tagore is
a. Char Adhyay b. Malancha c. Gora d. Chaturanga
37. Saratchandra is not the author of
a. Pather Dabi b. Pather Panchali c. Charitraheen d. Bipradas
38. Rabindranath was grandson of
a. Dwarakanath Tagore b. Debendrath Tagore c. Rathindranath Tagore
d. Abinnindranath Tagore
39. Which of the following Bengali/Indian words is of foreign origin?
a. Surya b. Chandra c. Almari d. Griha
40. When was Hindi declared as National Language?
a. 14th Sept,1949 b. 26th Jan,1950 c. 15th Aug, 1948 d. 15th Aug, 1949
41. Who is known as the father of modern Hindi-Prose?
a. Mahaveer Prasad Dwivedi b. Bhubaneswar c. Hazari Prasad Dwivedi
d. Bharatendu Harischandra
42. The literary language of Ameer Khusro was
a. Pingal b. Khari boli c. Dingal mixed Khariboli d. Hindi mixed Arabi
43. Who is the pioneer in Sufi stream of poems?
a. Manjhan b. Kutuban c. Jayasi c. Daood
44. Novel Godan has been written by
a. Premchand b. Ramchandra Shukla c. Joyshankar Prasad
d. Phanishwarnath Renu
45. Which novel was not authored by Premchand ?
a. Lagan b. Seva Sadan c. Goban d. Premashram
46. In which schedule of Indian constitution the claims of regional languages have been
a. Seventh b. Eighth c. Ninth d. Tenth
47. Which zone is not related to Khariboli?
a. Surat a. Ambala c. Dehradun d. Saharanpur
48. The second phase related to morden era of Hindi literature is known as
a. Bharatendu period b. Dwivedi period c. Gupta period d. Premchand period
49. Ramcharitmanas was composed by
a. Tulsidas b. Surdas c. Kaveerdas d. Jayasi
50. The golden age of Hindi literature is
a. Aadikal b. Bhaktikaal c. Reetikal d. Adhunikkaal
51. The first newspaper in Hindi wasa.
Sudhakar b. Hindi Pradeep c. Hindi Marttand d. Udant Marttand
52. Banabhatta described the life of his patron in the
a. Ramapalacarita b.Harsacarita c. Banacarita d. Naisadhacarita
53. In Sanskrit - is generally used to show comparison
a. Iti b. Evam c. Iva d. Ca
54. The first Jnanapitha awardee in Sanskrit is
a. Venkatachalam b. Satyabrata Shastri c. R.V. Tripathi d. Kutumba Sastri
55. Panini is known as a
a. Philosopher c. Astrologer c. Dramatist d. Grammarian
56. The Hitopadesa is associated with
a. Tantra b. Grammar c. Campu d. Tales & Fables
57. Asvaghosa was a contemporary of King
a. Kaniska b. Candragupta c. Samudragupta d. Mahipala
58. In Sanskrit Bhavat is often used as a pronoun of the
a.Third person b. Second person c. First person d. None of the above
59. The Balacarita of Bhasa treats the
a. Rama-legend b. Krishna-legend c. Rama-Krishna-legend d. Arjuna-legend
60. In the Lilavati, Bhaskaracarya teaches to his Daughter
a. Mathematics b. Veda c. Grammar d. Astrology
61. The Upanisads are connected to
a. Rituals b. Astronomy c. Spirituality d. Physics
62. The Puranas are normally ascribed to
a. Valmiki b. Vyasa c. Kalidasa d. Narada
63. The generic term of Sanskrit drama is
a. Nataka b. Rupaka c. Natika d. Bhana
64. There are - genders in Sanskrit
a. Two b. Three c. Four d. None of the above
65. There are - persons in Sanskrit
a. Two b. Three c. Four d. Five
66. In Sanskrit names of countries are used in the
a. Singular b. Dual c. Plural d. None of these
67. The author of Odia Mahabharata is
a. Balaram Das b. Sarala Das c. Jagannath Das d. Jayadev
68. Saraswati Sammana Awardee is
a. Gopinath Mohanty b. Sachidananda Routray c. Manoj Das
d. Gangadhar Meher
69. Who is known as Pallikabi of Odia Literature?
a. Gangadhar b. Navakishore c. Fakirmohan d. Kuntalakumari
70. In which year Utkal Pradesh was formed
a. 1935 b. 1936 c. 1836 d. 1947
71. Who is an Odia author?
a. Mahadevi Varma b. Maheswatadevi c. Kuntalakumari d. Mirabai
72. Inscription means
a. Silalekha b. Tamraphlak c. Pothi d. Coin
73. Matimatala written by
a.Gopinath b. Surendra c. Kanhucharan d. Gopabandhu
74. Kapilendradeva belongs to
a. Surya Dynasty b. Ganga Dynasty c. Aira Dynasty d. Chandra Dynasty
75. Which one is Odia Novel?
a.Godan b. Devdas c. Nilashaila d. Ganadevata

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