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2012 Punjab Technical University Pharmacy B.Pharm First Semester- Pharmaceutical Analysis-I. PTU Question paper

Course: B.Pharm   University/board: Punjab Technical University

Are you interested in solving original question paper of First Semester- Pharmaceutical Analysis-I by Punjab Technical University for B.Pharm as a preparation for your upcoming exam? Enclosed is the previous year question paper of Pharmaceutical Analysis-I for which PTU organized a First Semester ending exam in 2012. Get hold of the latest question paper for free!

B. Pharm (PTU)
First Semester exam (December-2012)
Pharmaceutical Analysis-I

Time: three Hours Max. Marks: 80

Note: 1) part A is compulsory.
2) Attempt any 4 ques. from part B.
3) Attempt any 3 ques. from part C.


Ques one a) Standard deviation.
Ques one b) learner t-test.
Ques one c) Conjugate acid and conjugate base.
Ques one d) Precision.
Ques one e) Self indication.
Ques one f) Blank titration.
Ques one g) Co-precipitation.
Ques one h) Digestion.
Ques one i) Salt hydrolysis.
Ques one j) Titration curve.
Ques one k) Oxidation number.
Ques one l) Standard reduction potential.
Ques one m) Colloids solution.
Ques one n) Acidimetry.
Ques one o) Buffer solution.


Ques 2) explain different theories of neutralization indicator.
Ques 3) explain titration curve of weak acid with weak base.
Ques 4) define Idometric and Iodimetric assays with suitable examples.
Ques 5) What is the critical role played by common ion effect in gravimetric analysis?
Ques 6) discuss role of solubility product in precipitation reactions governing argentimetric titration methods.


Ques 7) elaborate the 2 major kinds of fault encountered in pharmaceutical analysis? discuss with suitable examples.
Ques 8) What is Volhards method of argentimetric titration? discuss it with the help of formula and the precautions involved in it.
Ques 9) define measurement of electrode potential and its application in determining equilibrium constant of redox reaction.
Ques 10) Write short notes on:
a) Organic precipitant.
b) Titration of polyprotic acid.

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