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2007 CBSE English core Question paper

Course: Plus II   University/board: CBSE

Class – XII
Sample Question Paper – I
Marking Scheme
Section A : Reading Max. Marks : 20
Answer Key
1. (i) The ACT is against frequent commercial breaks because they lure the children
to long for fashionable toys and unhealthy foods. 1+1 Marks
(ii) The child glued to the T.V. does not have the opportunity to develop his
communicative skill, he does not play games which ultimately makes him
a less fulfilled individual and his intellectual stimulation is curbed. 1+1+1 Marks
(iii) Adults are able to compare their past and present experiences with what
they see on the small screen. 1 Mark
(iv) Children have very few real-life experiences. What they see on the TV is
a world created by the adult and passed on to them. 1 Mark
(v) The knowledge acquired by watching TV is merely accumulation of facts
where as the knowledge acquired by reading helps the children use their
mind, imaginative and reasoning powers. 2 Marks
1.2 incessant (Para-2) – 1
cynical (Para-4) – 1 } 3 Marks
spouting (Para-6) – 1
Total : 12 Marks
2. (a) Note-making
Title – Developing Resistance to Suggestion 1 Mark
1. Resistance to suggestion can be built upon in two ways
(a) Childr. rely on themselves
(b) Not on external stimulatn.
(c) Ext. stimulatn.
(i) bad for character
(ii) propagandists use it
(iii) distators use it
(iv) gets addictive
(v) dep. on spiritual help
2. How sh. childr. be taught to rely on themselves.
(a) self entertainment
(b) musical instruments
(c) scientific observation.
3. Ed. not to take the line of least defence
(a) critically analyses
(b) react to suggestions right way-right time 3 Marks
Key to Abbreviations used
Childr. – children
Stimulatn. – stimulation
Dep. – depends
Sh. – should
Ed. – education
(b) Summary
The summary should include all the important points given in the notes. Marks to be awarded
with the following considerations in view. 3 Marks
Content 2 Marks
Expression 1 Mark
Marks for the title be awarded either in the notes or the summary. 2 + 1 = 3 Marks
Section B : Writing Max. Marks : 35
3. Poster Caption – World Heritage Day 1 Mark
Presentation (Content) 3 Marks
slogan highlighting the need to preserve the monuments.
e.g. Let's preserve the country's architectural heritage.
Our monuments, Our heritage Let's preserve them.
Expression 1 Mark
Title : For Sale
Content : Details of computer
• Size of screen/monitor
• RAM–Floppy drive
• UPS etc.
• Windows 98 or XP etc.
• Expected price
• Contact No.
Expression 1 Mark
4. Report
Format – Title name of the writer/reporter
Place, date ½ + ½ Mark
Title – Careers Fair/Career Counseling Seminar
Content – • When ?
• Where ?
• Who organized it ?
• speakers
• highlights of the speakers' message
• any other relevant information 4 Marks
Expression – Spelling, grammatical accuracy 2½ Marks
Coherence, relevance 2½ Marks
Factual Description
Content 4 Marks
Expression – coherence and relevance 3 Marks
spelling and grammatical accuracy 3 Marks
Value points – • description of market & context of shopping
• description of terrorists
• panic among people
• scuffle with police 1 × 4 = 4
Total : 10 Marks
Formal Letter
Format – Writer's address, receiver's address, date, 2 Marks
Salutation, subject, complimentary close
Content – • increasing number of coaching centers
• tuitions-a status symbol now
• students compelled to join tuition groups
• parental and peer pressure
• no time for relaxation
• any other relevant point e.g. money involved 3 Marks
Expression – Spellings and grammatical accuracy 2½ Marks
Coherence and relevance 2½ Marks
Job Application
Format – Writer's address, receiver's address, date, subject salutation
and complimentary close 2 Marks
Content – • Covering Letter
• Reference to advertisement
• brief profile of self
• submission of application
• Resume/bio-data separately as enclosure 3 Marks
Expression – Spellings, grammatical accuracy 2½ Marks
Coherence and relevance 2½ Marks
Total : 10 Marks
Title – The Art of Writing letters
Writer's Name
Content – • instant communication due to technological advancements e.g. E-mails,
telephones, mobile etc.
• letter writing – dying art
• forgotten writing letters expressing our feelings and emotions
• letters – personal, use of language
• eager wait for postman missing 4 Marks
• any other appropriate / relevant idea 2 Marks
Expression – • Spellings, grammatical accuracy 2 Marks
• Coherence, relevance 3 Marks
Total : 10 Marks
Style/Format – Address and name of the speaker at the end 1 Mark
Content – • Life skills & their explanations
• Why is it necessary to impart education of life skills
• How does it affect a student's personality
• Its positive results and advantages 4 Marks
Expression – Spellings, grammatical accuracy 2½ Marks
– coherence, relevance 2½ Marks
Total : 10 Marks
Section C : Literature Max. Marks : 45
7. (a) Objectives: to test the students' comprehension of the poem, their ability to interpret, evaluate
and respond to the lines of the poem.
Value Points :
(i) the peasant 1 Mark
(ii) 'they' are various claimants to the plate of gold like nobles, munshis
and hermits. 1 Mark
they are fighting about their relative worhiness to be recipients of the plate
of gold 1 Mark
(iii) he is saddened by the hollowness of their claims as none of them had 1 Mark
sincerely reached out to the poor and needy for pure and unselfish
Value Points :
(i) • to shake hands without genuine warmth
• to speak pleasant words without sincerity
• to wear expressions on his face which mask his true feelings
(any 2 points) 2 Marks
(ii) like a smile on a face in a portrait, it appears fixed and lifeless. 1 Mark
(iii) the poet is unhappy about these changes because they have made him
insincere and false and taken away his spontaneity. 1 Mark
7. (b) Questions are to be answered in 30-40 words each.
Objectives : to test students' ability to interpret evaluate and respond to
the poems.
Distribution of Marks :
Content : 1 Mark
Expression : 1 Mark
(deduct ½ mark for exceeding 50 words)
Value points :
(i) unlike the oak which does not bring beauty and light into people's lives although it lives
long, the lily lives only for a day but brings light into our lives because of its perfection
and beauty.
(ii) Hardy is saddened by / disapproves of war which forces people into regarding fellow
human beings as enemies whom they would have befriended in other circumstances.
(iii) Behaving like brainless puppets/objects who are manipulated by the desires and whims
of the rulers who command and shape their lives.
(iv) No, the pilgrims did not empathise with the beggars. They gave them alms
because they wanted to do good deeds and achieve the lord's blessings.
8. Objectives: to test the students' ability for local comprehension of the prose texts. Questions are to be
answered in 30-40 words.
Distribution of Marks :
Content : 1 mark
Expression : 1 mark
(deduct ½ mark for exceeding 50 words)
Value points :
(a) requests Mr. Gupta to gaze into the crystal in the ring and reassure her mother that her son was
alive and well.
(b) Ernest lived in Shropshire and has come to town to propose to Gwendolen.
(c) • One can study the growth and decay of dialects
• One can study the possible mixture of languages with regard to words and grammatical
elements by studying the many languages of India and their contact with various invaders
and conquerors.
(d) • the original inhabitants shot them down, regarding them as enemies.
• climate inhospitable – heavy rains and immense heat-causing tropical diseases that
proved fatal.
(e) No, he does not. According to him, it is admiration and respect which makes people happy. In
some societies this is achieved through material possessions but not in others.
9. Objectives: To test global comprehension of prose texts
Marking Scheme :
Content : 6 marks
Fluency and Expression : 4 mark
(deduct ½ mark for exceeding word limit by 20 words; 1 mark for exceeding by more than 20
Value points :
• Kartar Singh refused to appeal against death sentence and was executed.
• Pingale ascended the gallows bravely, seeking God's help for the sacred cause.
• Bhai Parmanand and sixteen others sing songs and remain in good spirits throughout the
journey to Calcutta in spite of fetters and handcuffs and in the barracks there and during
the sea voyage in the lowest hold of the ship.
• They cope courageously with the cruelty of the notorious jail keeper Mr. Berrie.
• Exclusive study of Jew, Greek and Roman thought not enough as India has a wealth of
philosophy and thought.
• Fields such as geology, botany, ethnology, archaeology and vedic mythology provide vast
stores of knowledge.
• Study of fables of India can lead to research on place of origin as many tales common to
India and the West.
• Sanskrit study will yield valuable insights into its language and a literature which delves
into the inner world of mind and spirit.
• Growth and influences on languages and various religions can be studied extensively in
10. Objectives : To be able to comprehend incidents and evaluate it.
Marking : 1 mark each for the value points given below 4
3 marks for expression. (½ + ½) fluency and accuracy
Value points :
• temptation to get easy money is quite difficult to resist
• materialistic attitude of Baldwin's wife Martha, son John and daughter Evie
• reaction of Martha – she weeps when she finds her husband unwilling to give up his
• regards misappropriation of money as a technicality.
• youth must attain physical strength / fitness by undertaking physical training
• intellectual development, youth must have academic ability of the highest order.
• patriotism-youth should have urged for unity and progress of nation
• spiritualism-youth of today should cut across all narrow barriers and distinctions.
11. Objectives : To be able to understand and interpret the ideas contained in the lessons.
Marking : 1 Mark for one value point
1 Mark for expression. 2 × 4 = 8 Marks
Value points :
• On way to Folkstone, on the companion way-for the upper deck of the ship.
• Gandhiji felt that the true text book for the pupil is his teacher
• through dialogue
• by allowing them to define happiness themselves.

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