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2007 Mangalore University B.C.A Computer Application DATA STRUCTURES Question paper

Course: B.C.A Computer Application   University/board: Mangalore University

Credit Based Third Semester B.C.A Degree Examination
(New Syllabus)
Duration: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 80
Any ten from Part- A
1. a) What is a data structure? Mention the various types of data structures.
b) What is an array? Give the formula to find the address of a particular
Location in the array.
c). What is a circular queue? How it differs from linear queue?
d). Give the postfix form of an expression: (a - b * c + d) / (e + f)
e). What is the time complexity of a linear search algorithm, binary search.
f). What is a doubly linked list?
g).Give the linked memory representation of a binary tree.
h). What is a sparse matrix?
i). Differentiate between terminal nodes and non-terminal nodes.
j) Mention any 2 application of linked list
k) What is a graph?
l) Mention any 2 application of stack.

Note: Answer any one full question from each part

2. a) What is a Stack? Explain various operations performed using stack with
b). Write an algorithm to generate first ten Fibonacci numbers recursively.
c). What is recursion? How does it differ from iteration? (6+6+3)

3. a) . Distinguish between
i) Primitive and Non-primitive data structure
ii) Array and list.
b) Write an algorithm to convert infix to postfix expression.
c). Write algorithms to insert and delete elements from a circular queue (4+5+6)
4. a) Write an algorithm to return the maximum number in a linked list
b). What is a linear linked list? How do you perform insertion and deletion
operation such a list?
c). What is a linked list? Explain the different types of linked list with a neat
diagram (5+5+5)

5. a). Write and explain an algorithm to search for an element in a linked list. b) Write and explain an algorithm to add a node to a doubly linked list.
c). Write an algorithm to implement queue using linked list. (5+5+5)

6. a). Define the following terminologies
1) Node 2) Root 3) Siblings 4) level
5) leaf node
b).Write a recursive algorithm for Preorder and Postorder traversals of a binary tree.
c). How to represent the graph in memory? Explain in detail. (5+6+4)

7. a). What is graph? Explain different types of graph.
b) The order of nodes of a binary tree in Preorder and Inorder traversal are as
Preorder: A B D G H C E F I K J Inorder : B G H D A E I C K F J .
Draw the corresponding binary tree.
c). Compare tree and graph. (5+6+4)

8. a). Write an algorithm to sort a list of numbers using Merge sort.
b) Write and explain an algorithm to search a list of numbers using sequential
search method.
c) Show the bubble sort steps for the following numbers.
25 10 72 18 40 11 32 9 (6+4+5)

9. a). Describe the concept of binary search technique.
b). Write an algorithm to sort the elements using Quick sort.
c). Discuss the procedure and develop an algorithm to sort a list of elements
using SELECTION Sort technique (4+6+5)

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