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2015 Bangalore University Management IV Semester B.COM/B.B.M./B.H.M Examination, April/May 2015- Indian Constitution Question paper

Course: B.B.M.   University/board: Bangalore University

Are you preparing for Bangalore University Examination? Are you looking for Indian Constitution question paper? Here is the previous year question paper from Bangalore University. This is the original question paper from the Bangalore University IV Semester exam conducted by Bangalore University in year 2015. Feel free to down lead the question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams.

Bangalore University

IV Semester B.COM/B.B.M/B.H.M. Examination, April/May 2015

(fresh +repeaters)

Indian Constitution

Time Allowed :3 Hours Maximum Marks :100

Instruction: This question booklet contain 100 questions carrying equal marks. All questions must be attempted. Each question contains four answers, among them one correct answer should be selected and shade the corresponding option in the OMR sheet provided with a black or blue ink ball point pen.

1. Who is the Chief Architect of the Indian Constitution?
a. Dr Manmohan Singh b. Dr Rajendra Prasad
c. Indira Gandhi d. Dr B R. Ambedkar

2. On _______________________ the constitution was adopted in India.
a. 26th January 1950 b. 26th November 1950
c. 26th January 1949 d. 20th March 1949

3. Dr Rajendra Prasad was the chairman of ______________________
a. Drafting committee b. Rajya Sabha
c. Constituent Assembly d. First Planning commission

4. _____________________________citizenship is guaranteed to the Indians
a. single b. quasi c. dual d. none

5. The Preamble is a _________________________ of the constitution.
a. Truth b. Article c. President d. Part.

6. The Original Constitution of India had _______________ Articles.
a. 395 b. 290 c. 365 d. none

7. India is a _______________state.
a. communist b. Secular c. kingly d. none

8. Article 368 is related to ________________________ of the constitution.
a. President b. Parliament c. Amendment d. none.

9. Indian Constitution is a mixture of ___________________
a. rich and poor b. social and economic
c. love and aggression d. rigidity and flexibility

10. Fundamental Rights to the citizens are guaranteed in Part ______________________ of the constitution
a. III b. II c. VI d. IV

11. Article 19 refers to ____________________
a. Freedom of speech and expression b. freedom to live
b. C. freedom to food d. none

12. Habeas corpus comes under ___________________ rights.
a. right to equality b. right against exploitation
c. right to constitutional remedies d. none.

13. At present there are _________________________ fundamental rights.
a. 9 b. 2. C. 6 d. 10

14. Safe guarding the public property is a ______________________ of the citizens.
a. right b. spirit c. fundamental duty d. none.

15. Directive Principles of state policy is found articles _____________
a. 26-31 b. 36-51 c. 42-50 d. 11-22

16. According to 42nd Amendment right to property has been deleted from ____________
a. civil rights b. fundamental rights c. religious rights d. none.

17. India provides for ______________________suffrage
a. adult b. partial c. universal adult d. none.

18. ________________________ system of Govt. is in India.
a. Presidential b. Parliamentary c. District d. none.

19. India Judiciary is _______________________
a. partial and non-independent b. independent and impartial
c. weak and corrupt d. none

20 . Article 360 refers to ___________________ emergency.
a. Political b. state c. external aggression c. state d. financial

21. According to which Article Special provisions are given to SC/ST's?
A. 330 B. 30. c. 341 d. None

22. Which is known as the "Indian MagnaCarta" of rights and freedoms?
a. fundamental rights b. government rights c. social rights d. none

23. _________________________ can amend fundamental rights.
a. legislative council b. parliament c. chief minister d. none

24. The principles of promotion of international peace and security is incorporated under
a. fundamental rights b. fundamental duties
c. directive principles of state policy d. none

25. Article ___________________is related for eradicating untouchability.
a. 17. b. 18 c. 19 d. 20

26. The budget has to be passed with in _____________________ days of its introduction in the loksabha
a. 75 b. 90 c. 100 d none

27. Today union territories are ____________________ in number.
a. 7 b. 4 c. 5 d. none

28. Which is the 29th state of India?
a. Delhi b. Telangana c. Pondichery d. none
29. TADA expand
a. Terrorist activities dentention act b. Telangana Administrative Development Agency
c. Tourism and Development Agency d. none

30. World Environment Day is celebrated every year on ___________________
a. May 31 b. July 4 c. June 5 d. June 4

31. The Indian constitution as been divided into _____________
a. 16 parts b. 22 parts c. 24 parts d. 25 parts

32. National voters day is observed every year on ____________
a. 25 January b. 25 May c. 20 April d. none.

33. Articles 25-28 is related to ____________________
a. right to property b. right to education
c. right to speech d. right to freedom of religion

34. Article 312 specially refers to
c. KAT/CAT d. none

35. UPSC was established in the __________________year.
a. 1950 b. 1952 c. 1956 d. none

36. Chief Justice of India is appointed on _____________________principle.
a. seniority b. juniority c. merit d. none

37. Many ideas in the Indian constitution were incorporated according to ________________
a. Indian independence act of 1947 b. Indian govt. act of 1935
c. Indian govt. act of 1919 c. none

38. ____________________ day is observed as the day of Indian constitution adoption.
a. Republic day. b. Independence day
c. Gandhi Jayanthi d. Nehru Jayanthi

39. How many amendments have been effected to the preamble of the Indian constitution?
a. 01 b. 108 c. 02 d. 04

40 Equality and fraternity concepts in the Indian constitution have been adopted by the influence of __________________
a. French revolution c. American revolution
b. Italian revolution d. German revolution

41. According to which case the secularism has been decided as the part of the constitution?a. a. Kesavananda Bharati case b. Golaknath case
c. Minerva mill case d. Maneka Gandhi case

42. Total number f states in Indian constitution ____________________
a. 28 b. 26 c. 30 d. 29

43. Fundamental rights to the constitution of India has been borrowed from ________________
a. America b. England c. Swiss d. France

44. _____________________prepares the laws pertaining to citizenship of India
a. Prime minister b. President c. Parliament d. none.

45. Right to property is _________________
a. fundamental right b. legal right
c. constitutional right d. none

46. _____________________ right is considered as the "heart and soul" of the constitution.
a. right to freedom b. right to equality
c. constitutional rights d. right against exploitation

47. Fundamental rights do not apply to _____________________
a. president b. cabinet c. armed forces d. governor

48. In a parliamentary Govt. cabinet is held responsible to _________________
a. President b. Prime minister c Parliament c. Judiciary

49. ____________________administers oath of office to the President of India.
a. chief justice of supreme court. c. speaker of lok sabha
b. vice president d. none

50 Vice president is elected by _________________
a. members of rajya sabha and lok sabha b. Prime minister
c. President d. chief justice of India

51. Prime minister is appointed by ________________
a. MP's b. Citizens c. Cabinet d. President

52. _________________ members are nominated to Rajya sabha by the president of India.
a. 12. b. 15. C. 18 d. 24

53. ______________________ presides over the joint-session of the parliament
a. Speaker of the lok sabha b. President

c. Prime minister d. Chairman of rajya sabha
54. ______________________ is the first citizen f India.
a. President b. Prime minister c. Finance minister d. Speaker

55. Rajya sabha is a ______________________ body of the parliament.
a. temporary b. continuous c. partial d none.

56. Impeachment procedure of the President can be introduced in ___________
a. Rajya sabha b. any house of the parliament
c. lok sabha d. legislative assembly

57. Generally opposition leaders are the members of _________________ committee.
a. estimates b. public accounts c. tax d. law

58. Retirement age of the High court judges ______________years.
a. 65 b. 62 c.60 d. none

59. _______________State is not having legislative council.
a. Andhra Pradesh b. Tamil nadu c. Uttar Pradesh d. Maharashtra

60. Who is the legal advisor for state governments?
a. President b. Advocate general c. Solicitor general d. Prime minister

61. _____________________ prepares presidents speech in the parliament.
a. Prime minister b. Council of ministers c. Office of the President d. Vice president

62. On the advice of ________________President issues official pardon for culprits.
a. chief justice b. prime minister c. home minister d. self consumer

63. First session of the Parliament is called as ______________
a. monsoon session b. winter session
c. budget session d. none

64. The age limit to become the voter was fixed 18 years in _____________year.
a. 1976 b. 1989 c. 1995 d. 1990

65. Lt. General is the head of the _____________
a. state b. union territory c. district d. city corporation

66. The term of the financial commission is _____________
a. 5 years b. 4 years c. 3 years d. 7 years.

67. Concurrent list is borrowed from ____________________
a. Canada b. Britain c. America d. Australia

68. Indian parliament is __________________ in structure.
a. Bi cameral b. Uni-cameral c. Multi- cameral d. none

69. Chief minister is appointed by ____________
a. President b. Vice president c. finance minister d. Governor.

70. What is the age limit t become the member of the legislative council?
a. 45 years b. 30 years c. 25 years d. none

71. Article ________________deals with the executive powers of the state.
a. 52 b. 153 c. 53. d. 165
72. The membership of Lok sabha increased from 525 to 545 members by _______________
a. 31st 1973 b. 32nd 1973 c. 23rd 1970 d none

73. Provisions made for the SC's/ST's in the promotions in public services in 1995
According to __________ amendment.
a. 77 b. 75 c. 76 d. none

74. At present there are __________________language in the eighth schedule of the constitution.
a. 22 b. 18 c. 30 d. none

75. Expand ESMA
a. essential service's maintenance act. b. Essential source moving act
c. early supply maintenance act d. none

76. The chair-person of the NHRC to be a ________________________
a. retired professor of the university b. sitting judge of the high court
c. retired chief justice of supreme court d. none

77. Article 243 G refers to ____________ schedule
a. 9th b. 11th c. 7th d. none

78. Expand P.D.O
a. panchayath development office b. planning development office
c. primary development officer d. none

79. ____________________________ is the oldest political party in India
a. BJP b. TMC c. AIADMK d. INC

80. Expand EVMs
a. election violence maintenance services b. electro voting machines
d. electronic voting machines d. none

80. Since ________________________ the election commision at center was made multi member organisation.
a. october 1993 b. september 1991 c. november 1989 d. none

81. High court judges can be removed by the president according to ________________
a. october 1993 b. september 1991 c. november 1989 d. none

82. High court judges can be removed by the president according to ___________
a. judges inquiry Act 1968 b. september 1919 d. november 1989 d. none

83. Article 132 deals with supreme court's __________________ function
a. original jurisdiction b. appellate jurisdiction c. miscellaneous power d. none

84. The seat of the supreme court is at ________________
a. New Delhi b. Calcutta c. Bombay d. Chennai

85. Article 141 refers to supreme court as _________________
a.Court of district b. court of record c. court of trial d. none

86. _______________________ appoints the lok ayukta
a. President b. Prime minister c. chief minister d. governor

87. How many subordinate courts are there in India?
a. 03 b. 04 c. 05 d none

88. Article __________________ provides for the position and office of the governor.
a. 157 b. 152 c. 153 d none

89. The governor is appointed for period of _______________
a. 05 years b. 07 years c. 10 years d. none

90. Kagodu Thimmappa is the _______________________ karnataka state.
a. chief minister b. leader of the opposition
c. speaker d. none

91. Smt Prathiba patil was the __________________ of India.
a. Ex- President b. Prime Minister c. Chief minister d. none

92. Judges of the high court are appointee by ___________________
a. Prime minister b. president c. parliament d. chief justice

93. The maximum gap between two sessions of parliament is ______________months.
a. 01 month b. 03 months c. 06 months d. none

94. Who is the leader of the 16th lok sabha?
a. Dr Manmohan singh b. Rahul Gandhi
c. Narendra Modi d. Rajnath Singh

96. Who is the present Advocate General of Karnataka?
a. Ravi verma kumar b. Veerappa Moily
c. R. V. Deshpande d. none

97. Who enjoys the vote –on –tie in the Parliament?
a. President b. speaker c. vice president d. none

98. Who is the chancellor of the Bangalore University?
a. R. B Vala b. Shankar Murthy c. D K. Shiva kumar d. Kumaraswamy H .D

99. Who is the chief Justice of the Karnataka?
a. D. H. Vaghela b. M Parikkar
c. Sheela Dixit d. Sushma Swaraj

100. ________________________is the chief Minister of Delhi
a. Aravind kejrival b. Ravishankar Prasad
c. Mamatha Banerji d. none.

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