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2016 Bangalore University B.B.M. VI Semester B.B.M Examination, May 2016 (Freshers+ Repeaters) Business Management: International Business Question paper

Course: B.B.M.   University/board: Bangalore University

Are you a student preparing for Business Management Examination from Bangalore University? Here is the VI Semester International Business Original Question paper from Bangalore University conducted in May 2016. Feel free to download the question paper from here for up coming examination.

Bangalore University

VI Semester B.B.M Examination, May 2016

Fresh + Repeaters ( 2014-15 and onwards)

Business Management

paper- International Business

Time duration: 3 Hours Max Marks: 100

Instruction: Answer should be in English only


Answer any 8 sub-questions. Each question carries 2 marks. (8x2+16)

1. a. State any four questions of international business.

b. What is international franchising?

c. What is international joint venture?

d. What are the components of globalisation?

e. Give any two reasons for firm's going global.

f. What is organisational transformation?

g. Expand: PCN, HCN, TCN and TNC

h. What is international marketing information?

i. What do you mean by EXIM policy?

j. Give the meaning of letter of credit.


Answer any three questions./ Each question carries 8 marks. (3x8=24)

2. What is the theory of absolute advantages?

3. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of international licensing.

4. Distinguish between domestic and foreign companies.

5. Discuss briefly the stages of import procedures.


Answer Q.No. 10 which is compulsory and any three of the remaining. Each question carries 15 marks. (4x15=60)

6. Explain the measures to correct the disequilibrium in the Balance of Payments (BOP).

7. Explain briefly the types of data/information required for international business.

8. What are the factors to be considered while making decisions to outer the foreign markets?

9 Explain the manifestation of globalisation.

10. Explain the advantages of MNC's to home country and host country.


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