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2013 Acharya Nagarjuna University First Year - First Semester -B.Tech - July 2013 - Question Paper - Engineering Chemistry - Bapatla Engineering College Question paper

Course:   University/board: Acharya Nagarjuna University

Are you looking for the previous question papers of Engineering Chemistry -B.Tech - Bapatla Engineering College? This is the question paper conducted to first year first semester students of bapatla engineering college in July 2013. Don't hesitate to make a copy and use it in future.

I/IV B.Tech Degree Examinations, July 2013

First Year

First Semester

Engineering Chemistry

Time : 3 hours

Maximum Marks : 60

Answer question No.1 Compulsory

Answer ONE question from each Unit

1. Answer the following [12 x 1 = 12M]
a) Suggest two methods for the removal of hard scales from a boiler
b) What will happen when excess soda is added in the external conditions of boiler feed water?
c) Tintometer is used for the determination of ___________water?
d) Why polymers are having high molecular weights?
e) Write the optical properties of micelles?
f) Heating Rubber with sulphur is called______________?
g) Explain the acid correction in Bomb calorimeter?
h) Write the flow chart in a thermal power station?
i) Write the working of nickel – cadmium battery?
j) Explain thermal spallation?
k) How does viscosity improved in a lubricant?
l) Explain the use of CNT?

UNIT - I [1 x 12 = 12M]

2. a) Write two important methods for the removal of salt from sea water?
2. b) Describe how water quality is assessed? (OR)
3. a) Explain Internal and External conditioning of water by giving suitable examples and equations?
3. b) Name few disinfection agents and their action with equations?

UNIT - II [1 x 12 = 12M]

4. a) Write the preparation, properties and uses of two thermoplastics and two thermo setting plastics?
4. b) Plastic is a most vital material in the beginning of 20th century and waste material in 21st century. Justify? (OR)
5. a) Discuss the salient features of Frendlich and Longmuir absorption isotherms?
5. b) Write the applications of colloids and micelles?

UNIT - III [1 x 12 = 12M]

6. a) Explain LCV and HCV?
6. b) What are conventional and non conventional energy sources? Explain in detail. (OR)
7. a) What are Fuel cells? Write the advantages over the primary and secondary cells?
7. b) Write short notes on
i) Pulverized coal.
ii) Working of thermal power stations.
iii) Lead acid battens
iv) Dulong's formula

UNIT - IV [1 x 12 = 12M]

8. a) What are Abrasives? Explain.
8. b) Explain about extreme pressure lubrication with examples.
8. c) Write the applications of polymer matrix composites. (OR)
9. Write short notes on
i) Refractoriness
ii) Viscosity index
iii) Synthesis of Fullerenes
iv) Dolamites
v) Aniline point
vi) Nano scale

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