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2013 Acharya Nagarjuna University First Year - First Semester - B.Tech - Question Paper - July 2013 - Computer Programming - Bapatla Engineering College Question paper

Course:   University/board: Acharya Nagarjuna University

This is the original question paper conducted to first year first semester students of Bapatla Engineering College in July 2013 on Computer programming using C. Feel free to make a copy and use it in the preparation of your upcoming exams.

I/IV B.Tech Degree Examinations, July 2013

First Year

First Semester

Computer Programming using C

Time : 3 hours

Maximum Marks : 60

Answer question No.1 Compulsory

Answer ONE question from each Unit

1. Answer the following [12 x 1 = 12M]
a) What is an Algorithm?
b) What is a pre processor directive?
c) Write the syntax of conditional operator
d) What is an enumerated data type?
e) List the different types of storage classes available in C
f) How many minimum temporary variables are needed to swap the contents of two variables?
g) What is the output of the following code fragment:
for(i=3; i<15; i++)
printf ("%d", i);
h) What is meant by recursion?
i) What is a command line argument?
j) List any four string handling functions?
k) What is meant by self referential structure?
l) What is a void pointer?

UNIT - I [1 x 12 = 12M]

2. What are different types of control statements available in C? Explain them with examples? (OR)
3. Explain working of:
a) Unary operator
b) Binary Operator
c) Assignment operator
d) Ternary operator

UNIT - II [1 x 12 = 12M]

4. a) What are the advantages of for loop? List the differences between for loop and do-while loop? Give an example on break and continue statements?
4. b) Write a program to print following format:
**** (OR)
5. a) What is an array? Explain compile time and run time initialization with suitable example?
5. b) Write a program to sort the list of strings alphabetically using a two-dimensional array?

UNIT - III [1 x 12 = 12M]

6. a) Define function? Explain functions with return type and non-return type with examples?
6. b) Write a program to find factorial of a given number using recursion? (OR)
7. a) What is a pointer? Describe call-by-value and call-by-reference with suitable examples?
7. b) Write a program to arrange set of strings in ascending order using pointer arithmetic?

UNIT - IV [1 x 12 = 12M]

8. Write a short notes on
a) Structures with suitable example.
b) Union, its example.
c) Difference between structures and unions. (OR)
9. a) What is a file? How do you declare a file? Explain different modes of operations on files with examples?
9. b) Write a program to merge the contents of two files into a third file?

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