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2015 Computer B.C.A. TYBCA - Core Java - Semester V - 2015 - Savitribai Phule Pune University - Pune Question paper

Course: B.C.A.   University/board: Savitribai Phule Pune University

This question paper is of Core Java for Third year BCA ( Bachelor of Computer Application), 2015 year and Semester V from Savitribai Phule Pune University.

[4768] - 504

(2008 Pattern) (Semester-V)
[Time : 3 HoursJ [Max. Marks : 80]

Instructions to the candidates:
1) All questions are compulsory.
2) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
3) Answer of sub-questions of each question should be attempted at one place. It should not be written separately.

Ql) Attempt the following: [2X8=16 Marks]

a) "Can we override a constructor"? Comment.
b) When sub class cannot access the super class properties?
c) "Byte code is a machine dependent" true/ false. Justify.
d) Name the class which is at the top of the exception class hierarchy.
e) The class can be used to read contents of a file. State true or false and justify?
f) Which method is used to specify containers layout? Write its syntax.
g) A class required to handle events on Menu and Checkbox. Which listeners should be implemented?
h) Give syntax of two methods of StringBuffer class?
i) List memory requirement for boolean type and char type in java.
j) What is a difference between paint() and repaint().

Q2) Attempt the following (Any Four): [4X4=16 Marks]
a) What is an interface? How does it differ from an abstract class?
b) What is AWT? Explain any four classes under java.awt package.
c) Explain the purpose of checked and unchecked exception.
d) Write an applet to draw simple temple.
e) Create a class Birthdate with a parametrized constructor which takes three arguments-date, month and year. Raise an exception if the birth date is invalid.

Q3) Attempt the following (Any Four): [4X4=16 Marks]
a) Write a Java program using AWT to print "Welcome TYBCA" in Red colour. When we click on a button the text color should change it randomly.
b) Write a Java program that displays the count of non-vowels in a given word using command line argument.
c) What is an Applet? Explain its Lifecycle.
d) What is an Array? How it differs from Vector?
e) What is Layout Manager? Explain any one in detail.

Q4) Attempt the following (Any Four): [4X4=16 Marks]
a) What is Package? Explain steps to create Package.
b) Explain wrapper classes.
c) Comment "Class is logical and object is physical representation of an Entity".
d) Create a Package Vehicle, which will have two classes- two wheeler and four wheeler. Two wheeler with method disp (cc, price), four wheeler with method show(regno, reg. year).
e) Write a java program which demonstrate any four string function.

Q5) Attempt the following (Any Four): [4X4=16 Marks]
a) Describe various forms of Implementing Interface. Give example of each case.
b) Differentiate between Swing and AWT.
c) State different uses of Super Keywords? Explain with suitable examples.
d) Write a program to get a file name from command prompt. Check whether a file by given name exists. If file is a regular file then display various details about that file. But if it is directory then display the number of files in that directory.
e) Write a Java program to accept 'n' elements from user and display it in ascending order. (Using Command Line Arguments).

All the Best

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