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2015 General Other Bachelor's Degree FY-BPharm - Modern Dispensing Practices - 2015 - Semester 1 - Savitribai Phule Pune University Question paper

Course: Other Bachelor's Degree   University/board: Savitribai Phule Pune University

Previous year question paper of First year B.Pharmacy on Modern Dispensing Practices (2015 pattern), Semester I, based on credit system of the 2015 course from Savitribai Phule Pune University

First Year B. Pharmacy
Modern Dispensing Practices
(2015 Pattern Credit System) (Semester - I)

Time : [3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 60]

1) All questions are compulsory.
2) Answers to the two sections should be written in separate answer books.
3) Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.
4) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q1) Define compounding and dispensing of medication. Enlist steps involved in compounding. Add a note on storage and stability of medicines. [10]
Q1) a) Describe in detail documentation for stock and purchase records. [07]
b) How much of a 5% will be required to prepare 1000ml of a 1 in 500 solution. [03]

Q2) Attempt any four of the following [12]
a) What do you understand by PMR? Explain.
b) Define Prescription. What are its different parts? Give one example.
c) Calculate the strength of 44.8% o/p (over proof) and 75% u/p (upper proof).
d) Explain prescription filling.
e) Write a note on labeling of dispensed product.
f) In what proportions may a manufacturing pharmacist mix 20%,15%,5% and 3% zinc oxide ointments to produce 10% ointment.
g) Discuss; Drug profile documentation.

Q3) Answer the following questions (Any2) [08]
a) Give auxiliary labeling conditions for solutions, suspensions and emulsions.
b) Write short note on: Responding to prescription.
c) Explain: Containers and closures used for dispensed products.
d) Discuss steps involved in dispensing.


Q4) Explain physical incompatibility and methods to remove it using suitable examples. [10]
Explain role of pharmacists in community healthcare and education with respect to HIV infection/AIDS. [10]

Q5) Solve any four out of seven
a) Explain self -medication and its disadvantages. [3]
b) Explain counseling to be given by a pharmacist to a patient suffering from asthma. [3]
c) Give a brief introduction to pharmacovigilance. [3]
d) Explain Idiosyncracy. [3]
e) Explain 3 formulae for calculation of doses for infants and children. [3]
f) Write a note on community pharmacy. [3]
g) What is the importance of patient counselling. [3]

Q6) Solve any two out of four
a) Explain the legal requirements for establishment and maintenance of drug stores. [4]
b) Explain therapeutic incompatibility. [4]
c) Explain any 4 factors affecting dose of a drug. [4]
d) Explain role of pharmacists in educating community about family planning. [4]

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