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2008 Anna University Chennai B.E Computer Science IT1451 – WEB TECHNOLOGY Question paper

Course: B.E Computer Science   University/board: Anna University Chennai


Part –a
1. What are the two major protocols for accessing email from servers.
2. Find the error in the following code segment and explain how to correct it for(y=0.1;y!=1.0;y+””)
3. What is the important feature of dynamic positioning .
4. List the possible opacity attributes of dynamic positioning.
5. Write some commonly used video file formats.
6. Explain the difference between get request and post request type.
7. What is XSL and why it is used.
8. Explain cookies.
9. What are the types of directives in JSP.
10. When it is useful to redirect a request to a different resource.

Part –b
11. A)
i. Describe the java script global functions in detail.

ii. Use a one dimensional array and write a script to solve the following problem. Read in 20 numbers , each of which is between 10 and 100. As each number is read , print it only if it is not a duplicate of a number that has already been read.
b) Write a script that inputs a telephone number as a string in the form (555)555-555. The script should use strings method split to extract the area code as token and the last four digits of the phone numbers as a token. Display the area code in one test field and the seven digit phone number in another text field.

12. A)
i. Create a web page that applies the invert filter to an image if the user moves the mouse over it.
ii. Explain the properties of the event object.
b) demonstrate a simple use of data binding with the tabular data control to update the contents of a span element with a program.

13. A)
i. Describe the system architecture of a multi-tier application.
ii. Create a script that repeatedly flashes an image on the screen. Do this by changing the visibility of the image. Allow users to control the blink speed.

b) discuss the various models of e-business in a detailed fashion.
14. a) How document manipulation is done with XML document object module and explain in detail the various methods of DOM.

i. Explain session tracking. How it provides personalized services to consumers.
ii. Describe the features of ASP with examples.
15). A)
i. Describe the servlet architecture and the various interfaces invoked by the servlet container
ii. write a servlet program that handles HTTP get request containing data that is supplied by the user as a part of the request.

i. What does JSP scripting component include. Explain with a program.
ii. Describe JSP standard actions. How does standard actions provide JSP implementers with access to several of the most common tasks performed in JSP.

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