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2008 Cochin University of Science & Technology General B.Tech btech 1st year engineering physics Question paper

Course: B.Tech   University/board: Cochin University of Science & Technology

Time:3 Hrs


1. a) How will you test the optical planeness of a glass plate?

b) Calculate the thickness of a retardation plate, that can convert a PPL into CPL.
Given wavelength =589nm, refractive indices for extraordinary rays = 1.55,
refractive indices for ordinary rays = 1.54.

c) Briefly explain the principle of holography.

d) List any 5 applications of ultrasonic waves.

e) Using Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, prove that no electron is residing inside
the nucleus.

f) What are thermonuclear reactions?

g) Explain the terms : Lattice Planes & Miller Indices

h) What is meant by double refraction?


2. a) Discuss the theory of interference in thin films.

b) Give differences b/w Interference & Diffraction.

3. a) Explain the construction & working of a Nicol Prism.

b) What are half shades? Briefly explain the working of Lorantz half shade.

4. a) Explain the terms 1) Optical Pumping 2) Stimulated emission

b) Outline the principle & working of the He-Ne Laser.

5. a) Derive the expression for Numerical Aperture of an optical fibre.

b) Explain the working of an optical fibre communication system.

6. a) What is a wave function? Give its physical significance.

b) Derive time independent Schrodinger equation.

7. a) Explain the working of a Nuclear reactor.

b) State Pauli’s exclusion principle.

8. a) State & explain Bragg’s law.

b) Give the classification of semiconductors with their applications.

9. a) What is Meissner effect?

b) Distinguish b/w type I & type II superconductors with eg.


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