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2006 Punjab Technical University M.Sc Information Technology PTU-M.Sc. (IT) 3RD Semester Programming with C-Sharp (#) Question paper

Course: M.Sc Information Technology   University/board: Punjab Technical University

MSIT -303 (O) Programming with C-Sharp (#)
MSc. (IT) 3rd Semester (2096)

Time : 3 Hours Max Marks:75

Note: The question paper consists of two parts A and B.
a) Part A is compulsory and have 15 questions (40-60) words of 2 marks each.
b) Part B have 12 long answer questions of 5 marks each, out of which candidate have to attempt 9 questions.

Part A (15x2=30)

i. What do you mean by unsafe code?
ii. Define interoperability.
iii. Why to use C#?
iv. Write a program in C# to implement? : Operator.
v. What is multilevel inheritance?
vi. What is try and catch block?
vii. Explain foreach system.
viii. Briefly explain namespace.
ix. What do you mean by this reference?
x. Explain the switch statement.
xi. What are delegate methods?
xii. How will you define read only variables in C#?
xiii. What are basic principles of OOP?
xiv. What are variables size arrays? What are their uses?
xv. How can methods be hide in C#?

Part B (5 Marks each)

2. Write a program in C# to multiply two matrices?
3. What is structure? What are its uses? How structure can be nested?
4. Write a program in C# to calculate factorial of a given integer.
5. What are constructors? Differentiate between constructor and subclass.
6. Explain the differences between Java and C#.
7. Write a program in C# to explain the concept of creating your own exception class?
8. Write a program in C# to explain the concept of method overloading?
9. Write a program in C# to explain the concept of operator overloading.
10. Explain logical operators available in C#.
11. Explain the differences between constructor and destructors.
12. What are interfaces? What are their significances? How interface can be used in C#?
13. Explain in detail the console class?

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