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2008 Bangalore University 2nd Puc. Economic, Karnataka State, Question Paper Question paper

Course: Plus II   University/board: Bangalore University

Code No.22

(Kannnada and English versions)
Time; 3 Hours 15 Minutes----------------(Max.Marks : 100

Note ; 1) Writhe the question numbers legibly in the margin.

2) Answer for a questions in one sentence each:

Answer the following questions in one sentence each :10x1=10

1. Give the meaning of the term ‘sustainable development’.

2. State the meaning of unemployment.

3. What are multipurpose irrigation projects?

4. Define small scale industry.

5. What is meant by women empowerment?

6. Expand B.S.N.L?

7. Mention the basic principle of Co-operation.

8. What is Foreign Exchange Reserves?

9. State the meaning of public debt.

10. Who is the present Chairman of National Planning Commission?


II. Answer any ten of the following questions in about four sentences each:10x2=20

11. What is secondary data? Name its two sources.

12. State the meaning of literacy rate. How is it measured?

13. Mention four effects of soil erosion.

14. What is meant by public distribution system? Mention its two defects.

15. How are the manufacturing industries different from service industries?

16. Distinguish between Money wage and Real wage.

17. State the meaning of social security. Mention any two social security measures.

18. List the important harbors of India.

19. Bring out the differences between Money Market and Call Money Market.

20. State the reforms in air transportation in India.

21. Write four objectives of World Trade Organization.

22. What is Balance of Payments? Name its two accounts.


III Answer any eight of the following questions in about 15 sentences each :

23. State the types of Bar diagram. Draw a bar diagram by using the following data:

Census Year-------------1951----1961—1971----1981----1991---2001
Density of population---117------142-----177------216-----278----324

24. Differentiate between Economic Growth and Economic Development.

25. Write a note on the occupational distribution of population in India.

26. State the meaning water conservation. Explain its various measures.

27. Describe the pre-harvest technology adopted in Indian Agriculture.

28. What are labour reforms?

29. Examine the two Socio-Economic Status of Women Labour in India.

30. Analyze the non-conventional sources of energy.

31. Discuss the composition of India’s imports.

32. State the export-promotion measures undertaken by the Govt. of India.

33. What is Fiscal Policy? Write a note on the Fiscal sector reforms.

34. State the formation an functions of the State Planning Board.


IV Answer any two of the following questions in about 40 sentences each –2x10=20

35. Explain the National Programmes of Employment Generation and Poverty Alleviation in India.

36. elucidate the strategy for Industrial Development of 1991.

37. Explain the various functions of Reserve bank of India.

38. Explain the sources of revenue of the Central; Government.

Part –E

V. Answer any two of following question in abut 15 sentences each : 2x5=10

39. Calculate PQLI by using the given actual values :

Actual values----65 years-------60 per 1000----65%

40. List any 10 Railway zones of India with their Headquarters.

41. Draw a pie-diagram by using the following data of Central Govt.

Items of Expenditure----------------------------Proposed Expenditure(in Paisa)

Interest Payments-------------------------------------------------22
Central Plan Expenditure----------------------------------------18
Non-plan Expenditure-------------------------------------------16
Defense Expenditure---------------------------------------------14
Share to State Govt. in Central Taxes--------------------------12
Central Assistance to Ut’s and States-------------------------06
Non=Plan Assistance---------------------------------------------05

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