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2007 Anna University Chennai B.Tech Civil Engineering Engineering Graphics Question paper

Course: B.Tech Civil Engineering   University/board: Anna University Chennai


Annual Pattern – First Year

(Regulation 2004)

Civil Engineering


(Common to All Branches)

Time : Three hours Maximum : 100 marks

Answer ALL questions.

PART – A (5 X 20 = 100)

1. (a) Construct a hyperbola when the distance between the focus and the directrix is 40 mm and the
eccentric is 4/3. Draw a tangent and normal at any point on the hyperbola.

(b) A coir is unwound from a drum of 30 mm diameter. Draw the locus of the free end of the coir for
unwinding through an angle of 360. Draw also a normal and tangent at any point on the curve.

2. (a) The end ‘P’ of a line PQ, 70 mm lo9ng is 15 mm above the HP and 20 mm in front of the VP. Q is
40 mm above the HP. Its plan is inclined at 450 to the VP. Draw the projections of the line and find
its true inclinations with the VP and the HP.


(b) A square ABCD of 50 mm side has its corner A on the ground, its diagonal AC inclined at 450
To the VP and parallel to the HP. Draw its projections.

3. (a) A pentagonal prism of base side 30 mm and axis length 60 mm rests on the HP on one of the base
corners with the base edges containing it being equally inclined to HP. The axis is inclined at 450. to
the HP and parallel to the VP. Draw the projections of the prism by change of position method.


(b) A pentagonal pyramid, side of base 30 mm and axis 60 mm long rests with its base on HP and an
edge of its base is parallel to V.P. A section plane perpendicular to VP and inclined at 450 to HP.
Passes through the axis at a point 35 mm above the base. Draw the sectional top view.

4 (a) A cone of base 50 mm diameter and height 65 mm rests with its base on H.P. A section plane
perpendicular to V.P. and inclined at 300. to H.P. bisects the axis of the cone. Draw the development
of the lateral surface of the truncated cone.

(b) A circular hole of diameter 30 mm is drilled through a vertical cylinder of diameter 50 mm and height
65 mm. the axis of the hole is perpendicular to the V.P. and meets the axis of the cylinder at right angles at a height of 30 mm above the base. Draw the development of the lateral surface of the cylinder.

5 (a) A cylinder 50 mm diameter and 60 mm height stands on H.P. a section plane perpendicular to V.P.,
inclined at 550 to H.P. cuts the cylinder and passes through a point on the axis at a height of 45 mm
above the base. Draw the isometric view of the truncated portion of the cylinder when the cut surface is clearly visible to the observer.


(b) Draw the perspective view of a cube of 2.5 cm edge, lying on a face on the ground plane, with an edge
In the picture plane and all vertical faces equally inclined to the picture plane. The station point is 5 cm in front of the picture plane, 3.5 cm above the ground plane and lies in a central plane which is 1 cm to the left of the centre of the cube. Use vanishing point method.

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