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2006 10th std CBSE Science Question paper

Course: SSLC   University/board: CBSE

CBSE Science -
Set - II Delhi

Time allowed: 3 hours Maximum marks: 75
Q.1. How does the conductivity of a semi conductor change when certain impurities are added to it?
Q.2. Name the process that forms the basis of a hydrogen bomb.
Q.3. Name the group of satellite that help in detecting potential fishing zones.
Q.4. A torch cell converts one for of energy into another form. Name these two form.
Q.5. An element on heating burns and combines with oxygen to form sand. Identify the element.
Q.6. Which property of diamond makes it a suitable material for high precision thermometers?
Q.7. Name any two constituents of petroleum which are not used as fuel.
Q.8. In a food chain comprising lion, grass and dear, which will (i) transfer the maximum amount of
energy (ii) receive minimum amount of energy.
Q.9. Which of the following is a true solution? Vinegar in water, Aluminium paints, Blood, Muddy water.
Q.10. A patient is advised to take more spinach, yellow vegetables and butter in his diet. What vitamin deficiency has he been suffering from?
Q.11. How is the presence of carbon dioxide related to the non-existence of life on (i) Mars and (ii) Venus?
Q.12. An engine supplies 24 KJ of energy per minute. What is the power of the engine?
Q.13. Cadmium rods play an important role in a nuclear reactor. What happens (i) when they are completely inserted into nuclear fuel, and (ii) when they are slowly withdrawn from nuclear fuel?
goes on increasing as the rods are withdrawn because neutrons will be available for fission reaction.
Q.14. What is the difference between a true solution and a suspension? Give one example of each. How will you test them?
Q.15. A compound which is prepared from gypsum has the property of hardening when mixed with property of hardening when mixed with proper quantity of water. Identify the compound. Write the chemical equation of its preparation. Mention one important use of the compound.
Q.16. Which category of compounds is formed when one hydrogen atom of an alkane molecule is replaced by a hydroxyl group? Name the functional groups is the following compounds:
I) O
i) In compound
Or - COOH is the functional group naming Carboxyl group.
Or - COO is the functional group naming ester group.
Q.17. How is the polar nature of water responsible for dissolving (i) Sodium Chloride (ii) Sugar?
Q.18. Distinguish between biodegradable and non-bio degradable wastes. Give one example of each.
Q.19. Give an example of food chain consisting of four organisms at different tropic levels. Give the scientific term used to indicate the fist and third tropic level
Q.20. What is Biological fixation? How is it different from nitrification? Give an example of organism involved in each of these.
Q.21. What is the role played by launch vehicles in space exploration? How is it different from a space shuttle? Mention any two facilities a country needs to develop to achieve self sufficiency in space programmes.
Q.22. Mass of the earth is optimum to facilitate existence of life on it. What would have happened if the earth had less mass than at present?
Q.23. Describe the sequence of changes that would take place if all the hydrogen present in the sun is converted to helium.
Q.24. A 100 watt electric bulb is lighted for 2 hours every day and five 40 watt tubes are lighted for four hours every day. Calculate (i) the energy consumed for 60 days and (ii) the cost of electricity consumed at the rate of RS. 1.50 per kWh.
Q.25. What is a monomer? Name the monomers present in (i) natural rubber (ii) Thiokol. Though natural rubber is soft, how is it made usable for making tyres?
Q.26. Name the main constituents of liquefied petroleum gas. Why is this gas considered a better domestic fuel than others? (Give any four points) Give the calorific value of LPG.
Q.27. Explain how the following metals are obtained from their compounds by the reduction Process:
a) Metal X which is low in the reactivity series.
b) Metal Y which is in the middle of the series.
c) Metal Z which is high up in the reactivity series. Give one example of each type.
Q.28. Distinguish between bacteriocidal and bacteriostatic methods of food preservation. Give one example each of a food material preserved by these methods.
Q.29. Describe with the help of a flow diagram the transfer of energy from sun to top carnivores.
Q.30. A doctor examined a child below the age of five years and found cracks and scaly skin apart from wasting of muscles. Name the disease the child is suffering from. Mention two causes of its occurrence. What diet should be given to over come this disease?
Q.31. Name the chief impurity present in iron ore. What are the two requirements to obtain iron from its ore. Draw a labelled diagram of a blast furnace. State the main reactions that take place in the blast finance. Write the chemical equations involved.
Q.32. Which nutrient serves as a ready source of energy in our body? Write its chemical formula Write down the balanced equation for its complete oxidation. What test will you perform for its presence in a food sample? Where is this nutrient stored in the body when present in excess?
Q.33. Explain the working of a four-stroke engine using diesel as fuel. Draw a neat diagram of (i) compression stage and (ii) expansion stage.

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