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2007 Education HSE Civics, Economics, Commerce OBJECTIVE QUESTION ANSWERS WIREMAN Question paper

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1. An electrical earth connection

A. To receive constant voltage B. To reduce shock risk
C. To decrease electricity consumption D. To reduce resistance

2. Earth connection can be available from

A. Pole/Ground B. Meter C. Fuse D. Switch Board

3. Red colour wire known for

A. Earth B. Neutral C. Phase D. Insulated wire

4. One of the following is not a current conductor

A. Alluminium B. Silver C. Copper D. Plastic

5. One of the following is current conductor

A. Sand B. Mica C. Water D. Glass

6. Ground Earthing need one of the following material

A. Coke & Salt B. Marble & sand C. Wood dust D. Thermocol

7. For more power full light, one should use

A. Tube Light B. Night Lamp C. 60Watt Bulb D. Mercury

8. 2 way switching means having 2 or more switches in
different locations to control

A. 2 circuit B. 1 circuit C. 3 circuit D. 4 circuit

9. Switch and Fuse shall place in the path of

A. Earth B. Neutral C. Phase D. Phase and Earth

10. Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Microwave oven, Washing machine
need sockets/plug with minimum the capacity

A. 15 amp B. 2.5 amp C. 5 amp D. 10 amp

12. A CONDUCTOR is any material that easily allows electricity
A. Not to flow B. Some time Flow C. To flow D. Flow on intervals
13. A semiconductor is
A. Conductor B. Insulator C. conductor & Insulator D. None True
14. Material like carbon, silicon, and germanium are used for
A. Conductor B. Semi conductor C. Insulator D. Semi Insulator
15. Diodes, Transistors, and Integrated Circuit Chips are made from
A. Porcelain B. Mica C. Glass D. Silicon/carbon

16. Voltage is electrical pressure also known as

A. Electro Motive Force B. amperage C. Ohms D. RPM

17. An AMMETER measures

A. Voltage B. Current C. Resistance D. Leakage

18. Which is correct?

A. mA < µA B. A < µA C. A < mA D. µA < mA

19. Current flow increses from 7.5 amp to 30 amp. What shall be
Effect on HEAT.

A. No effect B. Heat increase C. Heat decrease D. Fluctuate Heat

20. Resistance can be measured with

A. Megger B. Oscilloscope C. Voltmeter D. Ohmmeter

21. Find value of 2 Kilo Ohm

A. 2000 ohm B. 200 ohm C. 20 ohm D. 2 ohm

22. Direct Current (DC)

A. Electron Flow is in alternate direction
B. Electron Flow is in both direction
C. Electron Flow is in only parallel direction
D. Electron Flow is in only one direction

23. Alternating Current (AC)
A. Electron flow alternates & flows in both directions (back and forth).
B. Electron Flow is in both direction
C. Electron Flow is in only parallel direction
D. Electron Flow is in only one direction

24. Which type electricity being produced while rubbing silk cloth on
glass rod and touch with finger, spark will come ?

A. Dynamic Electricity B. Static Electricity C. Both D. None
25. Automobile vehicle using which Electricity ?
A. DC B. AC C. Static D. None of three
26. Alkaline Battery produces electricity by
A. Magnetic action B. Heat C. Friction D. Chemical action

27. Which type of circuit in this drawing?

A. Parellel B. Series C. Direct D. None of three

28. RESISTANCE is not affected by

A. Voltage B. Current C. Voltage & Current D. None

29. E Voltage applied to the circuit, in volts (V) I Current flowing in
the circuit, in amperes (A) R Resistance in the circuit, in ohm.
What is correct formula.
A. ER = I B. E =I/R C. EI = R D. E = IR
30. What type of switch is shown in fig.

A. 2 way switch B. Single Pole switch
C. Multi pole switch D. Flasher
31. Relay contact operates
A. Always open B. Always closed
C. open close all-time D. Controlled like Remote to open or close
32. Find name of this switch

A. Mercury switch B. Temperature Switch
C. Time delay switch D. Single pole switch
33. Which tool is shown in picture?

A. Wire cutting B. Wood cutting saw C. Gear D. Wire measure gauge
34. Use of crimping tool for
A. soldering Lug B. Press fit Lug/connectors with cable
C. Open Lug/connectors with cable D. Cutting Cable
35. How many core cable required to connect from Pole to Home?
A.2 core B. 3 core C. 4 core D. 5 core
36. Normal house wiring current flow 15 A which COPPER wire is
A. 14 AWG B. 12 AWG C. 10 AWG D. 16 AWG
37. One of the following is not responsible for Blown fuses or tripped
A. Overloaded circuits B. Limited service panel capacity
C. Minimum feeding lines D. Power supply 240 volt
38. When applying solder to a splice connection,
A. the solder is applied directly to the soldering tip.
B. the solder is applied at the instant that the heat is applied
C. the solder is applied to the splice after it has been heated for a few
D. both A & B are true
39. Technician A says the AWG gauge number for a copper wire is determined by
the length of the wire. Technician B says it is determined by the type of
insulating material used on the wire. Who is correct?
A. technician A B. Technician B
C. both technician A & B C. neither Technician A nor B.
40. Two technicians are discussing a terminal end repair: Technician A
says this type of repair can be done with a pair needle nose pliers.
Technician B says only a specially designed pair of terminal crimpers
can be used. Who is correct?

A. technician A only B. both technician A and B
C. technician B only D. neither technician A nor B.

41. Shrink tubing is used:
A. to repair a fusible link. B. to protect a soldered splice joint
C. when the insulation has worn away but the wire is still serviceable
D. to cover an insulated butt splice
42. A poorly made electrical connection:
A. has a much higher-than-normal resistance
B. can produce excessive heat when normal current flows through the circuit
C. can reduce the total energy normally available for the load
D. all of the above.
43. Two identical lamps are connected in parallel to a 240-volt source.
The voltage across each lamp is:
A. 240 volts B. 220 volts C. 120 D. 110 volts
44. Several lamps are connected in parallel to a voltage source. If one light burns out, all the other lamps:

A. will get dimmer B. will not be affected. C. will get brighter D. will go out
45. . When installing wiring in or through an elevator hoist way, which one of
the following circuits is not permitted?

A. Circuit to hoist way pit sump pump
B. Circuit to hoist way lighting
C. Circuit to hoist way heating
D. Circuit to building fire alarm panel

46. What is the minimum rating of the service disconnecting means for a
single-family dwelling unit with a 12 kva load at 120/240 volts?

A. 50 amperes B. 60 amperes C. 100 amperes D. 125 amperes

47. The maximum allowable ampacity of 18 AWG fixture wire is:

A. 12 Amperes B. 10 Amperes C. 8 Amperes D. 6 Amperes

48. Bulb glowing due to

A. Filament Heating B. Filament passes current
C. Filament resisting current D. Filament and Gas in the bulb mixing

49. Transformer required for

A. increase voltage B. Generate voltage and current
C. decrease current D. increase or decrease voltage and current

50. Power House means

A. A unit to control electricity B. A unit to distribute electricity
C. A unit to produce electricity D. A unit to store electricity

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