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2009 Kurukshetra University General Post Graduate Diploma Journalism (Oriya) English Paper A Question paper

Course: Post Graduate Diploma Journalism (Oriya)   University/board: Kurukshetra University

Time: Three Hours Max. Marks: 45

Note: - All questions are compulsory.

1. (a) Explain with reference to the context :
When yet I had not walked above
A mile or two from my first love,
And looking back, at that short space
Could see a glimpse of His bright face.
But such a tide as moving seems asleep
Too full for sound and foam
When that which drew from out the boundless deep
Turns again home.
(b) Our country is a big country and there is a great deal to be done by all of us. If each of us does his or her little bit then all this mounts up and the country prospers and goes ahead fast.
There are many countries in Asia and Africa and also in Latin America, where girls have far less opportunity of schooling than boys do. There are other deficiencies in basic facilities available to women, varying from encouragement to cultivate one’s natural talents to fair partition in rewarding social functions of the community.
4+4 = 8

2 Answer any five of the following questions :
(a) How has beauty been described as weak before time?
(b) How does the poet relate death with rest and sleep?
(c) What is the rhyme scheme On His Blindness?
(d) What does a child see in childhood?
(e) Who is the ‘pilot’ in the poem Crossing The Bar?
(f) Explain the phrase ‘bursting bought of May’.
(g) How does Yeats describe the false lovers?
(a) How did the lawyer feel during the first year of confinement?
(b) What showed that refugees were all from one region?
(c) Who was Ma Parker?
(d) How old is Nambi? How does he tell his age?
(e) Who was Dr. Arnold Toynbee?
(f) Who is the author of the essay ‘A Talk on Advertising’?
(g) If a nuclear war breaks out, who will be our enemy?
(h) What does the writer mean by natality inequality?

3. (a) Sum up in your own words Pope’s conception of man in Know
Then Thyself.
Discuss the theme of the poem ‘Nightingales’.
(b) Draw a pen picture of Ratan in The Post Master.
‘The best way of acting a part is to be it’ reveals Holmes. Describe the means he adopts to simulate a dying, delirious man.

4. Why does Manu speak of Varana Bahyas according to the writer? What are the two subdivisions within the class of Varna Bahyas?
Narrate in your own words how and when Todd ‘borrowed’ the dollar.

5. Do as directed :
Change the following words into abstract nouns:
Oppose, marry, move, choose

Change the voice:
Todd borrowed this dollar last year.
We spent the evening together.
He sent me a note from Hamilton.

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