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2009 Punjab Technical University M.B.A PTU(MBA) STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Question paper

Course: M.B.A   University/board: Punjab Technical University

Paper ID[B0216]

Time:03 Hours Maximum Marks : 75

Instruction to Candidates:
1) Section - A is Compulsory. (I5 x 2 =10)
2} Attempt any Nine questions from Section - B. (9x5=45)

1)a)Define strategy? What are various benefits of strategic management to an organization ?
b)Show diagrammatically the strategic Decision Making Process?
c)Define Vision and Mission of an organization?
d)What do you mean by a value chain of the firm?Give one example.
e)What is meant by Critical Success Factors (CSF) of an organization? Why is it important to identify them?
f)Which are the important external environmental variables that affect the organization and how?
g)define Hyper competition and explain briefly with example?
h)Explain" cost leadership" competitive strategy?'
i)Define strategic Alliance? Why do companies form strategic alliance
j) 'What is a "Core Competence an organization? What characteristics should a core competence possess to become a key strength 0f organization?
k)Explain how structure follows strategy in an organization?
l)Who are the corporate stakeholders? How do they affect and how are they affected by the achievement of corporate objectives.
m)What do you understand by corporate governance?
n)What is the difference between conglomerate and concentric diversification strategies?
o)Define Downsizing of staff-What factors should be considered for
successful downsizing?

Section - B
2)What makes a decision strategic?Explain Mintzberg's modes of strategic decision making? Describe the strategic decision making process?
3)Explain the Balanced Scorecard approach for evaluating corporate Performance?
4)Define Responsibility centre? What are the various types of responsibility centers in an organization. Also discuss their role in the internal control system of an organization?
5)What do you understand by Bench marking and Industry standards. Explain? How can bench marking improve performance?
6)Explain TOWS Analysis and its applicability in environmental scanning of a company?
7)Is it possible for a company to follow cost leadership and differehtiation strategy simultaneously?why or why not?
8)What are the various defensive strategies used by companies to define their position in market place?
9)Explain growth strategies of a corporation in detail with examples.
10)Discuss BCG growth share Matrix and its role in analyzing corporations various SBUs?
11)Describe the various methods adopted by organization to enter international markets?·
12} . Explain porter 's. five forces model of industry analysis in detail?
Q13) What are. the responsibility of board of directors .What according to company law should be the' constitution of Board of directors'of a corporation?

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