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2009 Board Exam - 2009 CBSE Economics Question paper Question paper

Course: SSLC   University/board: CBSE

CBSE Economics Question paper

Question 1
Mention two problems of Indian agriculture and what are the solutions to it? (2)
Problems of Indian agriculture and their solutions are as: -

(1) Firstly, there is the problem of fragmentation of holdings, which makes the land too small for using modern agricultural machinery like tractors. The solution to avoid such fragmentation is cooperative farming. Under which a large track of land owned by different households may be jointly cultivated by them.

(2) Secondly, there is the problem of intermediary holding more land than he can cultivate. This can be solved by imposing ceilings on the land holdings.

Question 2
Give any four possible inputs required by an agriculturist other than his land. - (2)
Possible inputs required by an agriculturist are as follows :-

(1) Know-how:- The very first input is technical know-how because even to carry small operations a great deal of exact knowledge is necessary.

(2) Own labour:- The services of the farmer or his household is also required for better farming of the land.

(3) Agricultural Implements:- Agricultural implements, equipment and machinery are very important for modern farming.

(4) Irrigation:- The use of this input is important in almost all types of cultivation & for all kinds of crops.

Question 3
Write short note on 'Green Revolution'. - (3)
The adoption of new technology in agriculture led to Green Revolution. The main factor being the use of high yielding varieties (HYL) of wheat. Making use of high yielding varieties of seeds, new chemical fertilizers in scientifically determined quantities and controlled use of water led to a revolution in the production of wheat and this is referred to as the Green Revolution. This period came to be represented as a period of rapid modernization in Indian agriculture.

Question 4
Give the factors due to which problems of unemployment arise in a developing economy. - (3)
The problem are found to arise due to three factors:

(i) The mismatch of the economy's capital structure & the size of its available labour force causes the problem of 'structural unemployment'.

(ii) The continuance of primitive methods of production in agriculture causes disguised unemployment in the rural sector.

(iii) The seasonal character of all agricultural operations which creates seasonal unemployment is another problem of unemployment.

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