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2009 ICSE ICSE Important Questions : Computer Applications Question paper

Course: SSLC   University/board: ICSE

Computer Applications

Q. 1. Fill in the blanks.( 1 x 5 )

1. A member function having the same name as that of its class is called _____ function.
2. An _____ is a combination of token i.e., of literals ,operators , variables and parenthesisused to calculate a value.
3. JVM combined with _____ makes Java platform.
4. The Java statement available to jump from one loop to another is _____.
5. _____ means that if the two operand bits are different , the result is 1.

Q. 2. Differentiate between: ( 3 x 5 )

1. switch and if-else
2. continue and continue label
3. class and object
4. equals( ) and equalsIgnoreCase( )
5. parameterized and non-parameterized constructor

Q. 3. Write short notes with example:( 3 x 5 )

1. Nested Loop
2. Wrapper class
3. Function overloading
4. Ternary Operator
5. this keyword
6. Package
7. compareTo( )

Q. 4. a) What are escape sequences ? List any two sequences with their functions. (2)

(b) How is ordinary compilation process different from java compilation ? (3)

Section – B

(Attempt any four questions from this section. The answers in this section should consist of the program in Blue J environment with java. Each program should be written using Variable description / Mnemonic codes such that the logic of the program is clearly depicted. Flow-charts and Algorithms are not required.)

Q. 5. A company sells 15 items at different rates and details of sells (total amount) of each item are stored month wise from January to December. Write a class sale to compute and display the following (15)

1. The annual sale of each item
2. The total sale of all items for each month

Q. 6. Write a class to compute and print the amounts that a principal of Rs. N produces after each year ( from 1 to 5 years) at 5% , 10% and 15% rates of compound interest using a method amount ( ).(15)

Q. 7. In an interview 20 candidates are selected to continue their job as P.R.O. There names , date of birth and monthly salary are stored randomly in different single dimension arrays respectively. Write a program to arrange and display those names in alphabetical order along with other details using sequential sorting method. (15)

Q. 8. A boy enters a string in which he repeats few alphabets accidentally. Now write a program by taking that string as input to remove repeated alphabets from the string. Then display both original and newly formed string on the screen.(15)

Q. 9. A number is said as a perfect number if the sum of its factors is double of the number. By knowing this logic write a program to calculate and display all the three digit perfect numbers and total number of such numbers are generated. (15)

Q. 10. Write a program to input a sentence in which words are separated by one or more blank spaces. Create and display a new sentence in which each word should be separated by a single blank space.(15)

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