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2006 Tamil Nadu State University of Madras M.B.A MBA - Management Principles University Question paper

Course: M.B.A   University/board: University of Madras

Management Principles - April 2006

Time:Three hours Maximum:80 marks

Part A – ( 7 x 5= 35 )
Answer any seven questions
All question carry equal marks.

1.Distinguish between formal communication and informal communication?
2.Explain briefly the following principles of management
a)Unity of command
b)Scalar chain
3.What are essential characteristics of the principles of management?
4.What are essential characteristics of good communication system?
5.What are various stages in the process of rational decision making?
6.What are the important points of difference between decentralization and delegation of authority?
7.State the nature of management?
8.Explain briefly about he single use plans and standing plans?
9.Explain the factors which determine the span of control?
10.What are the important methods of departmentation?
11.Describe the various sources of authority?
12.Explain the characteristics of formal organization structure?

Part B – ( 4 x 10 = 40 marks)
Answer any Four questions
All questions carry equal marks

13.How can Q.C. be introduced in the organization?
14.Briefly explain the major techniques of managerial control?
15.Explain the various steps in the planning process?
16.Discuss the steps in organization?
17.Write short notes on:
18. Explain the factors which determine the degree of group cohesiveness?

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