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2006 Pre University Board Education P.U.C Economics Karnataka 2nd PUC Economics Question paper Question paper

Course: P.U.C Economics   University/board: Pre University Board

New Scheme

Code No. 22-NS
Total No. of Questions : 38 ] [ Total No. of Printed Pages : 7
March / April, 2006


( Kannada and English Versions )
( New Syllabus )
Time : 3 Hours ] [ Max. Marks : 90

English Version )

Note : i) Write the question numbers legibly in the margin.
ii) Answer for a question should be continuous.

I. Answer the following questions in one sentence each : 10 × 1 = 10
1. State and explain 5 factors that affect a consumer’s demand schedule.
2. Explain 3 assumptions concerning consumer behaviour.
3. What is "Globalisation" ?
4. What is "Bonded Labour" ?
5. What is “Balance of Payments” ?
6. Expand "BOLT".
7. Give the meaning of Deficit Budget.
8. What do you mean by "Food Security" ?
9. What is "Cash Reserve Ratio" ?
10. What is "Drip Irrigation" ?

II. Answer any ten of the following questions in four sentences each :
10 × 2 = 20
11. What is "Sustainable Development" ?
12. Mention any four benefits of education.
13. State any four defects of Public Distribution System.
14. What are "Self-Help Groups" ?
15. Distinguish between Manufacturing and Service Industries.
16. Name the main sources of Secondary data.
17. Mention any four recommendations of the M. Narasimham Committee
18. What are the four objectives of WTO ?
19. Distinguish between Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Banks.
20. State any four causes for the growth of Public Debt.
21. What are the main objectives of Family Welfare Programme ?
22. State the composition of "Primary Commodities" in India's exports.


III. Answer any eight of the following questions in about 15 sentences each :
8 × 5 = 40
23. Write a note on "Rain-water Harvesting".
24. What steps are taken by the Government for the technological
upgradation of Small Scale Industries.
25. Describe the land use pattern in India.
26. Explain the various Social Security measures adopted in India.
27. Discuss the composition and direction of India's exports.
28. Explain the machinery for Five-Year Plans in India.
29. Explain the non-conventional sources of Energy.
30. Explain in brief, various Export promotion measures of Govt. of
31. Discuss the industrial sector reforms in India.
32. Describe the Women Empowerment Programmes.
33. Discuss the progress of Railway Transport in India.
34. Draw a Pie-diagram to represent the following data of proposed
expenditure of a Municipal Corporation for the year 2005-2006.
Water Supply
Roads Health Education Electricity
(Rs. in crores)
300 400 75 200 25

IV. Answer any two of the following questions in about 40 sentences each :
2 × 10 = 20
35. Describe the National Programmes of Employment Generation and
Poverty Alleviation in India.
36. Discuss the characteristics of India as a developing economy.
37. Explain the various modes of communication in India.
38. Explain the sources of revenue of Central Government.

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