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2009 Karnataka State Karnataka State board Science sample question paper - SSLC(class 10) Question paper

Course: SSLC   University/board: Karnataka State

Karnataka State board Science sample question paper

83-E 2

VIII III-E-812130

General Instructions :
i) The question-cum-answer booklet contains two Groups, Group – I & Group – II.
ii) Group – I contains two Parts, Part – A & Part- B and Group – II contains two
Parts, Part – C & Part – D.
iii) In Group – I, Part – A consists of 39 questions and Part – B consists of
11 questions. In Group – II, Part – C consists of 21 questions and Part – D
consists of 6 questions.
iv) Space has been provided in the question-cum-answer booklet itself to answer
the questions.
v) Follow the instructions given in Part – A of Group – I and Part – C of
Group – II and write the correct answer in full in the space provided below each
vi) For Part – B of Group – I and Part – D of Group – II enough space for each
question is provided. You have to answer the questions in the space provided.
vii) Space for Rough Work has been printed and provided at the bottom of each page
except Page No. 32.

( Physics & Chemistry )
( Marks : 65 )

Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions / incomplete
statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the most
appropriate alternative and write it in the space provided below each question.
39 × 1 = 39
1. The best and easy method out of the following to get maximum emf from a dynamo
purchased is by
(A) increasing the number of turns
(B) increasing the strength of the magnet
(C) increasing the speed of rotation of the coil
(D) covering the dynamo by an insulator.
Ans :

2. A magnet is pushed in all the four coils shown below. The coil which produces lowest
emf is
Ans :
3. Electromagnetic radiation having wavelength less than infrared rays and more than
ultraviolet rays can be used for
(A) sterilization
(B) photography
(C) communication
(D) radiography.
Ans :
83-E 4

VIII III-E-812130
4. Photoelectric effect establishes
(A) particle nature of light
(B) wave nature of light
(C) wave nature of photons
(D) colours in the visible light.
Ans :
5. Which one of the following affects the conductivity of a pure semiconductor ?
(A) Temperature
(B) Length
(C) Area
(D) Thickness.
Ans :
6. The component in a radio receiver which separates AF signal from the carrier wave is
(A) a speaker
(B) a detector
(C) RF tuner
(D) antenna.
Ans :
5 83-E

7. Which one of the following is not an electronic device ?
(A) Television
(B) Radio
(C) Incandescent bulb
(D) Computer.
Ans :
8. Formula to calculate centripetal force is
(A) F =
mV 2
(B) F =
Vm 2
(C) F = m 2 r
(D) F =
mV .
Ans :
9. The function of Centrifugal Governor is to
(A) protect the engine from short circuit
(B) prevent the engine from overheating
(C) control the speed of the engine
(D) stop the engine.
Ans :
83-E 6

VIII III-E-812130
10. When the distance between the two objects is doubled, the forces between the two
objects before and after doubling are in the ratio
(A) 1 : 1 (B) 4 : 1
(C) 1 : 2 (D) 2 : 1.
Ans :
11. Kepler's third law is denoted as
(A) r 3 ? T 2 (B) r 3 ? T 3
(C) r 3 ? T (D) r 3 ?
T 2 .
Ans :
12. The mass of an object is 10 kg. Its average weight on the surface of earth in
kg m / s 2 is
(A) 10 (B) 98
(C) 9•8 (D) 980.
Ans :
13. A physicist observes the raise of temperature in a thermometer till the water raises to
100°C at sea level. Even if the heating is continued the thermometer shows only the
same temperature. This is because
(A) thermometer cannot show more than 100°C
(B) enough mercury is not filled in the thermometer
(C) water will not accept the heat to raise the temperature
(D) heat is utilised by the water to change into steam.
Ans :
7 83-E

14. Which is the best engine among the following ?
(A) 720 kJ of work is done by 1800 kJ of heat
(B) 450 kJ of work is done by 900 kJ of heat
(C) The efficiency is 36%
(D) 100 kJ of work is done by 1000 kJ of heat.
Ans :
15. Clouds appear generally white in the sunlight because
(A) clouds produce composite light
(B) of Raman's effect
(C) clouds are transparent
(D) clouds scatter all the wavelengths of light uniformly.
Ans :
16. When a monochromatic light is passed through organic liquids, the scattered light in
comparison with the incident light will be of
(A) the same frequency
(B) the higher frequency
(C) the lower frequency
(D) both lower and higher frequencies.
Ans :
83-E 8

VIII III-E-812130
17. The colour which bends the least, when composite light is passed through a glass
prism is
(A) red (B) violet
(C) yellow (D) blue.
Ans :
18. Which one of the following is true for sound waves ?
(A) No medium is required for propagation
(B) Velocity is same in all the media
(C) They are longitudinal waves
(D) They do not undergo reflection.
Ans :
19. The ultrasound signal sent by a sonar takes 2 sec to return. If the velocity of sound
in water is 1•5 km/s, then the depth of the ocean is
(A) 1•5 km (B) 2 km
(C) 2•5 km (D) 3 km.
Ans :
20. Two stars P and Q have magnitudes one and three respectively. The correct
statement about this in the following is
(A) Q is 2•5 times brighter than P
(B) P is 6•25 times brighter than Q
(C) P is 2•5 times brighter than Q
(D) Q is 6•25 times brighter than P.
Ans :
9 83-E

21. The type of galaxy to which our galaxy belongs is
(A) spiral (B) irregular
(C) elliptical (D) andromeda.
Ans :
22. Which one among the following stars has the highest temperature ?
(A) Sun (B) Rigel
(C) Betelgeuse (D) Sirius.
Ans :
23. The half-life period of radium is 1600 years. The time required for 2 gram of radium
to reduce itself to 25% is
(A) 3200 years (B) 2400 years
(C) 4800 years (D) 1600 years.
Ans :
24. An engineer advises the mechanic who makes the solar water heater to bend the
copper pipe in the form of a coil to
(A) make water to flow easily
(B) give attractive look
(C) reduce the cost
(D) increase the area of heat absorption.
Ans :
83-E 10

VIII III-E-812130
25. The most important function of the glass lid in a solar cooker is to
(A) allow light into the cooker
(B) prevent entry of dust
(C) act as an insulator
(D) help to trap the heat rays.
Ans :
26. The incandescent bulbs have to be banned, because they
(A) need borosilicate glass only
(B) are costly
(C) have short life
(D) consume more energy.
Ans :
27. The metal which does not react with hydrochloric acid is
(A) zinc (B) magnesium
(C) platinum (D) iron.
Ans :
11 83-E

28. The concentration of copper ore is done by
(A) hydraulic washing ( water washing )
(B) froth flotation
(C) magnetic separation
(D) electrolysis.
Ans :
29. In preparing amorphous silicon, dilute hydrochloric acid is used to
(A) remove unchanged silica
(B) dissolve magnesium oxide
(C) increase its reactivity
(D) give brown colour.
Ans :
30. The compound of silicon that can be used in calico printing is
(A) sodium silicate
(B) aluminium silicate
(C) silicon carbide
(D) calcium silicate.
Ans :
83-E 12

VIII III-E-812130

32. The property of self-linking of carbon atoms in long chain is called
(A) allotropy
(B) isotope
(C) catenation
(D) isomerism.
Ans :
33. The electronic configuration of carbon in its excited state is
(A) 1s 2 2s 2 2p x
1 2p y
(B) 1s 2 2s 2 2p 2
(C) 1s 2 2s 2 2p x
(D) 1s 2 2s 1 2p x
1 2p y
1 2p z
Ans :
34. Gypsum is added to hot clinkers of cement to
(A) slow down rapid setting
(B) increase the strength of the cement
(C) absorb more water
(D) become hard after setting.
Ans :
83-E 14

VIII III-E-812130
35. Which one of the following is a thermoplastic ?
(A) Bakelite
(B) Polyvinyl chloride
(C) Silicones
(D) Epoxy resins.
Ans :
36. The gasket of a pressure cooker is made of
(A) Teflon
(B) Chloroprene
(C) Polythene
(D) Thiokol.
Ans :
37. In an experiment, a sample of hard water is heated. The gas liberated turns lime
water milky. The sample of water contains
(A) bicarbonates
(B) chlorides
(C) sulphates
(D) phosphates.
Ans :
15 83-E

38. “Though detergent is a pollutant its use is unavoidable.”
Which one of the following supports best the above argument ?
(A) It saves valuable edible oils
(B) It cleans better than soap
(C) It saves time
(D) It can be used even if the water is hard.
Ans :
39. The formula of stearic acid is
(A) C 17 H 35 – COOH
(B) C 17 H 37 – COONa
(C) C 17 H 33 – COOH
(D) C 17 H 35 – COONa.
Ans :
83-E 16

VIII III-E-812130
40. Write any two differences between AC dynamo and DC dynamo. 2
41. Draw a neat sketch of a laser tube. 2
17 83-E

42. Name the following :
a) The outermost layer of the atmosphere of the sun. 12
b) Dark irregular patches on the photosphere. 12
c) The spectacular colour display seen in the polar regions of the earth. 12
d) The nuclear reaction in the core of the sun. 12
83-E 18

VIII III-E-812130
43. Draw a neat sketch to indicate the expansion stroke of an external combustion
engine. 2
44. What happens when
a) Heated aluminium powder is sprinkled in the jar of chlorine ? 1
b) Iron nail is kept in the jar of copper sulphate solution ? 1
19 83-E

45. What are radioisotopes ? Name the isotope used in the treatment of overactive
thyroid glands. 2
46. What is cracking of petroleum ? Imagine that C 16 H 34 is cracked to produce two
products in which one of them is octene. Name the other. 2
47. a) What is Permutit ? 1
b) Name any two salts which cause permanent hardness in water. 1
83-E 20

VIII III-E-812130
48. Give scientific reasons :
a) Iron nail kept in a closed jar containing calcium chloride does not rust. 1
b) Copper does not displace hydrogen from dilute acids. 1
49. a) Explain the working of a rocket. 2
b) Write any four factors on which the acceleration of the rocket depends. 2
21 83-E

50. a) Draw a neat sketch of nuclear power reactor. 2
b) Draw a neat sketch of nuclear chain reaction and name any two products. 2
83-E 22

VIII III-E-812130
( Biology )
( Marks : 35 )
Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions / incomplete
statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the most
appropriate alternative and write it in the space provided below each question.
21 × 1 = 21
51. The plants in which seeds are not enclosed in fruits are
(A) Angiosperms
(B) Gymnosperms
(C) Pteridophytes
(D) Bryophytes.
Ans :
52. The group containing only amphibians is
(A) frog, toad, lizard, icthyophis
(B) salamander, frog, lizard, toad
(C) icthyophis, frog, toad, salamander
(D) frog, icthyophis, lizard, salamander.
Ans :
23 83-E

53. The egg laying mammal is
(A) Kangaroo
(B) Platypus
(C) Whale
(D) Bat.
Ans :
54. In dicot plants, the vascular bundles are arranged
(A) in a ring
(B) vertically
(C) scattered
(D) horizontally.
Ans :
55. Spindle shaped elongated muscle fibres are found in
(A) striped muscles
(B) unstriped muscles
(C) cardiac muscles
(D) voluntary muscles.
Ans :
83-E 24

VIII III-E-812130
56. A knot like structure formed by several neurons is
(A) nerve
(B) axon
(C) ganglion
(D) dendrite.
Ans :
57. Olfactory nerve is concerned in sensing
(A) smell
(B) sound
(C) touch
(D) light.
Ans :
58. The air passage which equalizes the air pressure on the two sides of the eardrum is
(A) auditory canal
(B) nasal cavity
(C) wind pipe
(D) Eustachian tube.
Ans :
25 83-E

59. The transmission method which is not applicable for AIDS is
(A) sharing unsterilized needles
(B) unprotected sex
(C) mosquito bite
(D) transfusion of infected blood.
Ans :
60. Bilirubin level increases in the blood when
(A) liver cells are severely damaged
(B) secretion of insulin is more
(C) secretion of glucagon is less
(D) HIV intrudes the body.
Ans :
61. The hormone which is secreted more when one fears by mistaking rope for a snake
in the dusk is
(A) Thyroxine
(B) Adrenaline
(C) Androgen
(D) Estrogen.
Ans :
83-E 26

VIII III-E-812130
62. The enzyme reverse transcriptase helps in
(A) synthesis of RNA in the host cell
(B) synthesis of DNA in the host cell
(C) destroying the DNA in the host cell
(D) destroying the RNA in the host cell.
Ans :
63. The adulterant vanaspati in ghee is detected by adding
(A) concentrated hydrochloric acid and a pinch of salt
(B) concentrated nitric acid and a pinch of sugar
(C) concentrated hydrochloric acid and a pinch of sugar
(D) concentrated nitric acid and a pinch of salt.
Ans :
64. When one buys processed and canned food, he should see particularly
(A) attractive advertisements
(B) attractive packing
(C) certification by ISI
(D) recommendation by neighbourers.
Ans :
65. Lactometer is used to measure
(A) quantity of water in milk
(B) density of milk
(C) volume of milk
(D) density of water.
Ans :
27 83-E

66. There is a wide opposition for the establishment of oil refineries at Mangalore, mainly
because it may cause
(A) thermal pollution
(B) marine pollution
(C) sound pollution
(D) soil pollution.
Ans :
67. During photosynthesis, oxygen enters the body of producers in the form of
(A) carbon dioxide and water
(B) salts and minerals
(C) salts and water
(D) water and minerals.
Ans :
68. The two major components of a typical biogeochemical cycle are
(A) fixation and recycling
(B) reservoir pool and exchange pool
(C) biological fixation and artificial fixation
(D) ammonification and nitrification.
Ans :
83-E 28

VIII III-E-812130
69. Denitrification means conversion of
(A) ammonium salts into nitrates
(B) organic compounds into ammonium salts
(C) nitrates into free nitrogen
(D) nitrogen into nitrates.
Ans :
70. The technique of effecting desirable changes in the genetic material of an organism is
(A) cloning
(B) tissue culture
(C) genetic engineering
(D) DNA fingerprint.
Ans :
71. Which of the following is a disadvantage of biotechnology ?
(A) Seedless fruits
(B) Sterility of seeds
(C) Disease resistant plants
(D) Reduce the life span of plants.
Ans :
29 83-E

Instructions : i) Answer the following questions.
ii) Write the answers in brief according to the questions.
72. It is slightly difficult to pull out a bean plant from the ground than a paddy plant.
Why ? 2
73. Draw a neat sketch of a dicot leaf showing reticulate venation. 2
83-E 30

VIII III-E-812130
74. Mention the functions of dense connective tissue. 2
75. “An injury to the left cerebral hemisphere may result in paralysis of organs on the
right side.” Give reason. 2
76. Which one among the two given below is less toxic and why ? 2
a) Sulphur dioxide
b) Lead vapour
31 83-E

77. Draw a neat diagram of vertical section of human eye and label the two fluids that
help in the refraction of light rays. 4
83-E 32

VIII III-E-812130

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